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Top 3 Safety Tips for Your Business

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Most professionals are introduced to safety instruction and training earlier in their career. Even those with every day jobs, such as your barista or the receptionist at the dentist, have gone through training to be safe in the work environment and prepared in case an emergency should happen. While it isn’t something we generally want to think about, it’s important for any business. Reviewing the various areas for safety concerns will allow a business to develop a safety plan that works for them.

The Importance of Safety and Testing

By training your employees properly and conducting regular testing and inspections, your company will decrease work related injuries and ensure product safety for consumers. There are many different types of trainings and safety precautions that companies need to take. A pharmacy and doctor’s office will have far different safety precautions than a salon or even a manufacturing company. It is also legally important that your company adheres to local code enforcement. Ultimately, practicing safety is going to lower costs, increase the reputation of your business, reduce turnover and absenteeism, and create a better overall working environment.

The Different Types of Testing

It’s important to ensure your company’s equipment, materials, welds, products, and so forth are safe. A great way to do this without damaging any property is non-destructive testing (NDT). This testing is particularly important in science and technology industries. It can be done in various methods, but the four main types are Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, and Radiographic Testing. The oldest of these is Liquid Penetrant testing, which includes use two liquids to “soak” the component and reveal any defects with it. It is also the most popular of these testing methods.  

Ultrasound testing using high-frequency sound waves to detect any defects within the system. It is most commonly used for pipelines and enclosed structures. Magnetic particle testing can be used on metal components with magnetic features, while Radiographic testing is similar to that of an x-ray. Examine the components within your business and consider scheduling an inspection to determine which testing will be most beneficial and accurate.

Employee Safety

Not only is it a legal responsibility of a company to ensure their employee’s safety when possible, it also creates a more positive work environment. It is vital that employees are not only safe from hazards, such as chemicals and injuries, but also from other employees or clients. Having an open-door policy will encourage open communication and any concerns your employees may have. Providing resources such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) will extend this concern of safety beyond the workplace and provide much needed resources for your workers, such as counseling services or financial advice.

Emergency Preparation

More and more companies are offering training on active shooter situation. Regardless of the type of business, this preparation is of great importance to workers and visitors and an unfortunate reality. Companies should also be executing regular fire drills and other emergency drills. The value of these drills allow your employees to practice in real-time what they need to do to be safe in an emergency. It’s easy to watch a safety video or go through a safety training and forget, especially in the moment. This procedure is important for managers and anyone in the building to go through. Schedule these and let your employees know that a drill will be occurring that day without revealing the exact time. While this can be anxiety inducing, it is good practice for everyone should an actual emergency occur.

If your company is new or even if you think there are areas to improve performance when it comes to safety, reach out the departments that handle this or hire a safety advisor. Perhaps even consider reaching out to management and other employees to see what areas they believe need work. By doing so, you are building the confidence of those employees and thus developing a positive reputation for your company.

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