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Top 3 Unbelievable Advantages Of Becoming A Plumber In The Early 20s

Have you anytime thought of becoming a plumber, also known as a pipefitter in your schooling or college days? We believe that out of 100, only 2 or 3 people might have ever thought of choosing the plumbing career. Plumbing is a dirty job, and someone who is graduate will never consider fixing the pipes and taps in the bathroom.

Well, every career has its own advantages and disadvantages, and plumbing is an underrated job. People who are actually passionate about plumbing are successful in their careers. Yes, because the plumbing field can bring numerous growth opportunities and the best part is that you stay away from the vicious hamster wheel of 9-5 job routine.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the surprising advantages of becoming a plumber instead of joining the corporate world.

You Get The Financial Freedom In Your Training Days 

There are various plumbing programs available where you actually get a practical learning experience and earn your pocket money. Believe it or not, many organizations offer internships and apprenticeships for passionate learners, and they also give a stipend. In other words, you’re mastering the plumbing skills and getting financial freedom which means you don’t have to rely on your parents or siblings.

Apart from learning and making money, you’ll never have a fear of repaying education loans over your head. You can save your stipend (if possible) and keep repaying your student loan until you enter the workforce. Furthermore, banks will easily provide you with education loans because the plumbing courses are pretty expensive.

Plumbing Services Are Always In Demand

According to many reports, the need for quality plumbing services is growing in every continent. There are fewer chances that any plumber will be unemployed and struggle for daily bread and butter. In the upcoming ten years, nearly 70,000 plumbers will be needed, which means the demand will also increase by 10-14%.

The best part is plumbers providing quality plumbing services are paid on time. Moreover, you can pick up commercial projects which will be more rewarding.  Believe it or not, plumbers were even in demand during the Covid-19 lockdown period. It means you’ll always have a regular flow of work throughout the year.

On the contrary, polishing your plumbing skills will make you the most demanding plumber in your vicinity. Furthermore, plumbers are required by everyone, from doctors to government officers; each person needs quality plumbing services.

As you keep gaining experience, you can become a licensed plumber and boost your credibility. It means you have both job security and stability throughout your life where everyone struggles to achieve financial stability.

You Get The Opportunity For Helping The Society

Being a plumber means you’re keeping the society away from multiple headaches. You are working with numerous types of people and building a strong client base. Connecting with numerous people means polishing your communication skills. When you communicate with everyone politely, people will likely to hire you instead of other plumbers.

A good plumber is able to provide the right tips and tricks to resolve basic plumbing issues, and with this, you can help many homeowners. The best part is you’re always out of your house round the clock. You are not someone who is sitting in front of the computer desk and scratching the head. You get many opportunities daily to connect with people and build fruitful relationships.

If you offer quality customer service, hundreds of potential leads will be in your pockets.

Final Thoughts

When you want to become one of the best plumbers in your vicinity, select the right training program and work with the company that offers you growth opportunities.


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