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Top 3 Yogi's Secrets For Health and Happiness

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Every day comes with a ray of new hope and gives us an opportunity to smile, to live, and to breathe freely. Might it sound philosophical, but facing each day with joy is the secret mantra of living the life to the fullest, the way the yogis live. The day of the Yogi starts with a smile on their face and follows with various activities including the practice of yoga. And we must have noticed how happy, no, how blissful they remain the entire day. The reason surely is the yoga practice, but the way of carrying the holistic practice is the secret of the yogi that needs to be revealed.

During the yoga classes in Delhi, we learn the values of integrating the yoga practice in our lives on a spiritual, deeper, emotional and intellectual level, and should follow the same ideally imposing it in all the parts of our lives.

Come Above the Physical Attributions

The first and foremost secret is to rise above the physical being because the yogis believe that our body is not the real us. The experienced yogis are comprehensive of the fact that everlasting ‘I’ of each human is cognizant to more noteworthy and above the body, which we simply employ and possess. Our body acts like clothes to the soul, which we put on and off from time to time. The body is not real; it is the instrument in which the soul manifests. It is born, grows and decreases, but surely is the Temple of the Soul.

Considering the same, they know that it is important to take care of the body for it to work properly, to support the mind to function rightly and to help the soul to attain enlightenment. Once a person realizes the same they can easily rise above the materialism, stop dwelling over the past and negativity, and simply work towards the betterment of the body for achieving their aim of unifying with the universal consciousness.

The Mind Again, is a Manifestation

When we move from the body, the next stage is - controlling the mind, and realizing that we are not just our mind. The real self is much above over the body, and even the mind, which is merely a source of thoughts, consideration, sensation, emotions, desires and awareness. A Yogi with the regular practice ignites the inner conscience and resolves the shortcomings created by our mind via thoughts and emotions, and knows how to control it.

The perseverance we show on the mat impact our daily lives, allowing us to roll with the flow of life but with the control over the mind. Like yogis, we need to understand that our minds are not our souls and something which is beyond. The mind uses different tools for the expression of the self. And, our goal should be to set aside the tools and realize our true self. The self cannot be taken away from the mind and is not a slave to anything.

Be Aware of the Oneness of All

To be truly healthy and happy like a yogi, we need to believe and be aware of the fact that we are one and merged with everything. During the yoga classes at a yoga center in Gurgaon, you must become aware of a certain aspect of Spirituality and Universality, and for more rooted knowledge delve deeper into the practice with yoga training.

Understand the spiritual being, be aware that the universe is alive and rise above the morality of me and others. The true fact is we are one and all, alive, full of energy, and this way we can actually accept the fact by bringing the concept into the realm of true conscience. The consciousness makes us release and be aware of the true meaning of life in the Universe.

The secret of the yogis is not merely restricted for making us healthy and happy, but shows the pathway towards attaining the cosmic consciousness. Work towards self considering these secrets and have a harmonizing experience and perceive divinely.

aumyogashala Devendra kumar is a Yogi,Traveler and a Yoga Teacher in India.He provides yoga teacher training classes in Gurgaon.His strong connection with yoga has made him to organize Daily Yoga Classes, Corporate Yoga Classes,Yoga Retreats and Yoga Workshops in Gurgaon.
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