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Top 4 Most Useful Plywood Types Sold by a Distributor

Nowadays, the most common type of material that a manufacturer supplies to its retailers to make furniture is plywood. Plywood is a simpler version of whole blocks of wood or rather various layers of wood when stuck together, it is called plywood. To go with the modern trends, plywood has become increasingly popular and it will continue to do so in the coming times also. Nowadays, an eminent wholesale plywood distributor is much in demand because plywoods are more useful for making any wooden structure as well as provides great furnishing solutions.

Before you purchase any kind of plywood from your trusted plywood manufacturer, you must know about the specifications and features of each type of plywood, for the better understanding. Here are the various categories of plywood:

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  1. Softwood plywood- This type of plywood is produced from long-grained and uniform timber with straight fibers. In terms of strength and rigidity, softwood plywood is incomparable. Moreover, their lightweight, trouble-free usage and easy to install features, make it a favorite among plywood manufacturers in USA. The endurance power of this plywood is enough to withstand any kind of rough usage. Also softwood plywoods are known to possess a beautiful color that is soothing to the eyes and is also eco-friendly. The common uses of softwood plywood are:

  • Exterior home sheathing- This is the most common wall construction on a new home. This kind of wall forms a structural panel that functions well during earthquakes and when there are high wind loads.

  • Home roofing & flooring- Softwood plywood is used especially for the roofing and flooring. The floors contain plywood panels that have tongue and groove edges that fit together while for the roofs, less load is carried by the plywood and the tongue and groove edges are not there.

  • Other uses- Softwood plywood is also used to make a sliding product, to make detached sheds and garages, concrete forms and many more.

  1. Hardwood plywood- The top-class hardwood plywoods that you see many manufacturers selling to the retailers are actually more commonly manufactured from American birch or African mahogany veneers. The wooden planks are again pressed together over poplar or hardwood cores of basswood. Although it may appear to be thin, its high endurance against heat and excellent strength, makes it a remarkable plywood category. Some of its top uses are:

  • Boats that are smaller in size like kayaks, skiffs and canoes.

  • Furniture like chair, table, shelves and cupboards.

  • Miscellaneous small items like toys, boxes, pens and so on.

  1. Decorative plywood- Made from mahogany, teak or oak, this plywood is suitable for decorative purposes only. What makes this plywood ideal for the purpose of decoration is that it is stuck together with hardwood and Formica(a paper made of metal or resin) or fabric bonded is added on both sides. The plus point of this plywood is that it is easy to dye as well as draw. The major uses of this type of plywood are:

  • Decorative plywood are used in floors, stages, walls and ceilings

  • If the plywood has been overlaid with cloth, it is used in the walls of large auditoriums

  • For the adornment of luxurious properties.

  1. Marine plywoods- This kind of plywood is manufactured just like the other plywood types. There is not much difference except that marine plywood is water-resistant and can be used in wet areas also. There are various uses of marine plywood:

  • Boats- If you go for fishing or sailing often, then you must own a boat that is made of marine plywood. As it is a waterproof material, perfect boats are made from this plywood type.

  • Deck- Marine plywood is also used to make that beautiful deck at the back of your house. All you need is to maintain it every 2 or 3 years.

  • Bathroom & Kitchen walls & flooring- These are the two dominant areas in your house that are moist most of the time. Marine plywood is used in the walls of the kitchen and floor of the bathroom to prevent the wall or floor from getting defective.

Conclusion- In USA, plywood manufacturers usually have all these types of plywoods, especially softwood and hardwood ones. Satisfying your customer in every possible way is the sole aim for every retailer. So from now onwards, before you buy plywoods from your trusted wholesaler, do not forget to go through such specifications.

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