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Top 4 must-dos for getting the best from your wedding entertainment in Sydney

So, you have spent time researching your wedding entertainment in Sydney. You have narrowed the options down. Several quotes are now in your inbox. You have spoken with numerous wedding entertainers and band leaders. Getting a solid contract signed is the next step. Well, that might be right but there are a couple of things you need do to actually get the most possible from your wedding entertainers or musicians. Here are the topmost 4.


  1. Dining

Ensure that they are served with an excellent quality hot meal. Professional entertainers, whether functions bands or variety entertainers, spend large sums of money travelling. They arrive at the venue and are usually hurried into assembling their gear to perform. 90% of times, they just lack the time to leave the venue to get any excellent quality meal. So, serving sandwiches just won’t cut it.


  1. Offer a civilised area for dining

It’s clear that your entertainers must have somewhere to eat their meal. All entertainers and bands will provide you with their greatest possible performance if you take care of them. In the instance of a function band, all members being seated around a table prior to their performance presents a very critical opportunity for all the members to relax, gel, and catch up before they go on to perform for you.


  1. Water and soft drinks

Having an ample supply of soft drinks or/and water for any hired wedding entertainment bands in Sydney is, an obvious one that’s yet frequently overlooked. Several bands do bring water on their own when arriving but leaving out a few litres of mineral water that’s meant just for them will not stress your bank account but it could make all the difference.


  1. Communications

Be clear concerning communication lines for the night. This is another obvious one but which is overlooked quite often in the build up to the wedding. This is most times because there are several varying crucial tasks that must be ticked off one after the other. Ensure that one member of your wedding party; e.g. your usher, best man, and so on, is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that your hired band is told what time you are expecting them to arrive, be on stage, begin performing, and so on. Any professional performer or entertainer will most likely tell you that the timings that have been outlined on any wedding schedule will most probably get altered on the night. Unless you communicate certain facts and expectations to your hired band or entertainer, they won’t even have any idea of how late the schedule might actually be already running.


There are so many other things you can do to get the most possible from your wedding entertainment Sydney. These 4 have been listed as critical action points that will help you in remembering that taking care of your performers and entertainers will certainly ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. Even though the entertainers are professional, they still remain human beings that also relish a little TLC now and then.

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