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Top 4 Telemarketing Tools to Help Outbound Call Centres

To lift the business growth, it is crucial to incorporate new customers in your patron’s list. That’s why most of the organisations take the help of reputed BPO firms of Australia.

There are many tools that outbound call centres use in order to render unparalleled telemarketing services for small businesses and multinationals. Today, we are going to tell about top 4 telemarketing tools that outbound call centres always use to get better results. So, have a look:

1.    Predictive Dialler

Reputed BPO firms of Australia consider predictive dialler system as a helping hand. This system improves agent’s productivity up to 40% as it is based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

Predictive dialler automatically searches for the next best number when telemarketers are busy in communicating with prospects. Consequently, this not only saves precious time but also prevents manual dialling errors.

Apart from that, manual dialling system offers only 10 to 15 minutes talk time per hour. On the flip side, the predictive dialler ensures 40 to 50 minutes talk time per hour.

2.    Voice Mail Detection

Voice mail detection complements the predictive dialler. With the help of VMD, outbound call centres can easily offer unmatched telemarketing services for small businesses in Australia and multinationals. It is so because VMD saves agent’s valuable time up to 50%.

VMD automatically detects and terminates those calls that are about to be connected with the voicemail system. As a result, it boosts the productivity levels and reduces the telephone cost.

3.    Call Recording

Call recording is another important telemarketing tool that can help to get the desired results. To make the telemarketing campaign effective and constantly improving, it is crucial to record every outbound call. Outbound call centers record calls because of following reasons:

  • To check whether the telesales scripts are good enough or not.
  • Recordings of successful telemarketing calls can be used as a training material.
  • Call recordings can help to identify the common questions that prospects usually ask during the interaction. This could help telemarketers during the intricate situations, which, in turn, leads to better sales results.

4.    Black List

With the time, the significance of the black list has increased more than ever. Since agents are quite impatient at times to accomplish the desired results, these experts do make call on numbers that are restricted. Due to this, the legal issues may arise at the later stages.

This is so because whenever telesales agents make a call on the DNC registered numbers, it simply means the violation of TCPA policies. This not only affects the business’s reputation but also leads to immense financial loss.

Here, black list comes to the rescue because it contains the numbers of those potential customers who don’t want to be contacted by telemarketers. Furthermore, the black list not only prevents financial penalties but also plays a crucial role in boosting the telesales agent’s productivity.

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