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Top 4 Tips for Buying Organic Bath Towels


With the fast-moving environment around us, nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of and accepting an organic lifestyle. As a result, new trends in organic fabrics are constantly emerging whether it is for tablecloth set, striped ultra soft blanket, or eco-friendly beach towels.

Have you noticed that more and more retailers are adding organic tablecloth set, eco-friendly beach towels, and stripped ultra soft blanket to their bed and bath collections? They don’t want to jump on the “all organic” bandwagon but there are many great and valid reasons why you should purchase it.

  • They are free of pollutants, harsh dyes, and chemicals.
  • They will not cause allergies or immune reactions.
  • They are perfect for sensitive skin.
  • They are eco-friendly.

Especially, when it comes to organic bath towels they are not just a fashion trend. People like to wrap themselves in soft organic cotton towels and also want to decorate their bathroom with it. Whether it is hanging towels on a rod or you have rolled it to make tablecloth set, these eco-friendly beach towels make such a beautiful home decor item.

There are many different types of organic bath towels to choose from: linen, hemp, cotton, bamboo, and many more. Each one has its own exceptional look, feel, and absorbency rate. Some are certified organic while others are formed via sustainable methods.

So, how do you decide which one to buy? Here, we have covered 5 important tips to help you choose the best for you.

  1. Look for 100% Natural Fiber Towels

When you shop around for most natural towels ensure that they are certified organic or made via sustainable methods. Don’t opt for towels which are a blend of natural and synthetic fiber because as time passes it reduces towel’s absorbency and attract odor build up.

2. Makes You Feel Good and are Highly Absorbent

The type of natural fiber used in a bath towel affects greatly on how it feels against your skin. It also determines how well it absorb water and how speedily it dries after usage. For example, a towel made from 50% regenerated cotton + 50% natural cotton just like Eco-Hilana’s towels are super compact, light, and ultra absorbent and dry.

3. Consider Towel’s Weight to Identify Thickness

The weight of a towel greatly depends on the fabric density which is measured in GSM –grams per square meter. Towels with a high GSM are considered heavyweight. If you love flatter feel then a lighter and thinner towel with a lower GSM is a good choice.

4. Quality

While purchasing, you should look for tightly woven side edges and hems along both ends of the towel. If stitching is done on bound or bordered edges then it won’t unravel in the wash. So, look for quality make.

Signing Off

In a nutshell, eco-friendly cotton towels have a number of benefits, especially for those who have sensitive skin. They can add charm to the décor as they are available in a splash of colors and textures.


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