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Top 4 True Wireless Stereo from Wings Lifestyle

Wings is one of the most famous brands that has been providing its wireless products to customers all around the world. This earbud review will help all the people in deciding which Wings product will suit their requirements and fit their budget.

Best Options Here

  1. Wings Power Pods: Wings power pods wireless earbuds are made to deliver high-quality wireless sound connectivity based on a true wireless stereo technology. The earbuds could be charged using the charging case that comes with them. The main attraction of this product is that the charging case could also be used to charge your smartphones just like a power bank. It is a premium quality earbud. This is a product that is designed in India. It has superior quality water resistance. Wings power pods are the best true wireless earbuds available in the market. They are available at a price of around Rs 9500/-. You can check some earphone reviews to get more insight into which product best suits your earphone. 
  2. Wings Touch: Wings touch is a very convenient and small-sized package that has earbuds. With its matte finish,the first look of the product leaves a positive first impression. They have a wide range of connectivity and also come with a microphone that makes it compatible for use in calling situations as well. The touch controls of this product are pretty good. Its main attraction is that this product could also be used for activating Google Assistant and Siri. This is possible using the panels made on the side of the earbuds. The product is available for around Rs. 3,500 in the market.
  3. Wings Alpha: Wings alpha is another noticeable product launched by this organization that is available under the price range of Rs 3,000. These Bluetooth earbuds have strong connectivity and impressive design. Their small size makes them easily portable. The sound quality of these earbuds is unbelievable, and they could be paired easily with other devices that have Bluetooth connectivity. You could also play or pause the audio and even answer phone calls using the buttons on the back of the earbuds. Overall, this product delivers maximum quality to its users. They are best for Bluetooth headphones.
  4. Wings Troopers: These are the best touch control earbuds that are launched by Wings. Its battery life is up to 16 hours which makes almost 4 hours of music play. It is one of the most famous products among Indian users. Wings troopers are available at a price of around Rs 2,000 in the markets. Notification LEDs are given to indicate the battery levels of the earbuds. The earbuds look extremely stylish and are made of plastic. They have a hidden microphone and has a comfortable fit for ears. They come with auto connectivity. This product is also water-resistant. It does not have any buttons as it has a very sensitive touch control. A single earbud could also be used, and it would deliver the same level of quality. 

Based on the above-mentioned features and specifications, one could easily choose the wings products for themselves. These products have a well-balanced sound output and are completely pocket-friendly products.

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