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Top 5 Admin Dashboard Templates by Flatlogic

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There are a variety of admin dashboards templates and themes available to design web applications. Flalogic also provides many pre-designed templates that are not only helping to create the web application faster but also enhance the beauty of your web applications.

Here are the top 5 admin dashboard templates offered by Flatlogic

Top 5 Admin Dashboard Templates

Light Blue React

This is the first transparent dashboard. It is created by React and Bootstrap 4. The Light Blue React uses Server-Side Rendering. It is required for SEO Optimization. For the backend, the template uses Node.js that speeds up the web deployment. This template is very useful in creating E-commerce app, SaaS, CRM, analytical dashboards, etc


       More than 35 uniquely designed pages

       Fully responsive to the web as well as the mobile application

       Uses React 16.5.2

       First transparent dashboard

       Eight chart libraries

       Intense background

       Completely documented

Light Blue Vue

Light Blue Vue admin dashboard template is an elegant and excellent transparent design template that has 2 premium UI-themes. It helps to quickly design the web application using pre-built components and many sample pages. The latest technological frameworks such as Vue.js, Vue-router, Vue-bootstrap are used in designing this template.


       Several sample pages

       No jQuery

       Completely Responsive

       Latest version Vue JS 2.5.2

       8 Charts Library

       E-Commerce Section

       Fully Documented

Sing App Angular

Built with Angular 8 and Bootstrap 4 the Sing App is one of the most powerful admin dashboard templates. This template is fully responsive and offers many unique features. Sing App Angular has a variety of UI components, pages, and widgets that provide a stylish and trendy look to any web application. This perfect app can be used to create multiple web and mobile applications such as SaaS, E-Commerce section, CRM, and CSM.


       Variety of sample pages

       Fully responsive

       The latest version of Angular 8

       8 charts library

       Two dashboards

       E-Commerce sections

       Both Static & Hover Sidebar

       Complete documentation

React Native Starter Free

If you want to develop a quick and classy mobile application then React Native is perfect for you. It has hundreds of pre-designed pages with a variety of components. With the help of features offered by this Reactive Native, you can completely focus on developing unique mobile applications. As you have multiple pre-designed templates you need not start from scratch.


       Multiple ready-to-use templates

       Various components

       Perfect for mobile applications

       Easy integration

       Login Screen

       Stylish design

       Fully responsive

       Complete documentation

Flatlogic One Bootstrap Theme

Flatlogic One is an all-in-one template built-in Bootstrap 4.5. It is a perfect template for creating data tables and analytical data handling. The web applications are fully responsive and follow modern technologies using various components. It has multiple colors such as Grey, White, and Orange. The template has been designed in such a way that the main content appears at the central right part and navigation is available on the left sidebar. The web application designed with Flatlogic One is very stylish and fully functional.


       Static navigation sidebar

       Stylish chart using Amcharts, Apexcharts, etc

       Completely responsive

       Classic background

       Signup/Login screen

       Notifications & Icons

       Multiple components

       Integrated Google Map

       Components, Data Tables, and other elements created by Flatlogic

Final Thoughts

Professionals at Flatlogic work on the latest technologies to give you the best template that maximizes the speed of deployment of the web interface. Flatlogic offers a variety of attractive, and interactive templates and themes that help the user to create a user-friendly web and mobile application using many frameworks like Angular, React, Bootstrap, Vue, etc. You can choose as per your need and web application requirements.

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