30 Most Amazing Tourist Places to Visit in India

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Top 5 Adventure Travel Destinations

Every corner of the globe has something unique to offer to the travel enthusiast. What is your next destination? For thrill seekers, check out these five hotspots for an adventure of a lifetime. You won’t experience such authenticity back in your hometown.

  1. Pamplona, Spain
    Pamplona is a historical city in Spain with notable landmarks like the 15th-century Pamplona Cathedral, Plaza del Castillo, and Museum of Navarra. These locations, though, are more of a secondary pitstop. The majority of travelers come to the city for the annual bull run in Pamplona. Yes, there is the risk of getting gored by an angry Spanish Fighting Bull. However, this is the very type of adrenaline rush people come to Pamplona for. They wish to partake in a centuries-long Spanish tradition.
  2. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand
    Waitomo is the name of a labyrinth of caves nestled beneath rocky hills and waterfalls. The cave consists of limestone rock formed over a period of 30-million years. The biggest spectacle is the cave’s natural inhabitants, consisting of glowworms that provide illumination. Most visitors take a guided boat tour, though more thrilling adventurists opt for a rafting tour where they navigate the river in an inflatable rubber ring.
  3. Leh, India
    Leh is a vast landscape in India consisting of jagged rocky mountains, lakes, and jade-green rivers. Some visitors come just to admire the natural scenery. Others, though, use the landscape for more daring adventures, such as river rafting and mountaineering. The region is especially noted for its collection of small shrines known as Buddhist Gompas.
  4. San Ignacio, Belize
    San Ignacio is a popular ecotourism site known for its vast rainforest and caves. One popular adventure is a scuba diving tour where visitors can see a surreal underground cavern containing stalactites that resemble honeycombs and melting candles.
  5. Longyearbyen, Norway
    Longyearbyen is an old coal-mining town in the Arctic Archipelago. This has become a popular destination for polar bear watching, snowmobile riding, and dog sled races. Others partake in quad biking in the area’s snow-covered hilly mountains.
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The world awaits you. Step out of your home and partake in the adventures that are only possible by strapping on a hiking pack and booking a flight.

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