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Top 5 Beauty Gifts for Teenagers in 2021

Oh the teenage years. Everybody remembers their own times as a teenager, for better or for worst. Those years are some of the most formative in our life. People figure out who they are, what they want to do and where they fit in in the world throughout this treacherous and exciting time. Many young kids use beauty products in order to help them discover their personalities, their preferences and their favorite looks during their teen years. Teens use makeup and other related beauty items to accentuate their natural beauty or even help with dry or oily skin. Some also swear by the somewhat ritualistic processes involved in finding, purchasing and utilizing their favorite products on a day to day basis. This has obviously shown just how much the marketplace for beauty products has blossomed recently, as there are more and more unique and specific products available. The beauty market for teenagers has been growing and growing over the past ten years, and while it has been pretty large for quite a few decades now, it has simply blown up recently. If you have a teenager who you know and love and want to gift with some of 2021's coolest beauty products, here are the top five items that you could choose from.


Moisturizing has never been more popular. As skin care has basically been broken down into a science, there seems to be a multitude of skin care options in the marketplace right now. Moisturizing also does not just refer to something you can use on your legs and face now. In fact, there are specific creams, lotion,  treatments and more all for different parts of your body. For example, there might be a moisturizing oil for your face, Vanilla Mint lip balm for your lips and under eye cream for your under eye area. For some people who were used to using one product for all of those areas when they were younger, this may seem like too much. But, after a lot of research has gone into the ingredients, formula and everything else, you can be sure that these items all perform separate services for their user! You can consider getting a set of moisturizing items for your teen from a few different companies to give them some variety of product.

Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have been around for quite some time, and they have actually been used for beauty purposes for awhile. The trend fell off sometime in the last few decades but is now coming back stronger than ever. These luxuriously soft and comfortable products are typically used to prevent static in wet hair, but they can also help prevent wrinkles and fine lines on your face. As these have become more popular and more companies have started making them there is now a wide variety of colors and patterns which allows you to pick the perfect pillowcase for your teenager's style.

Face Roller

Face rollers may seem like a hot, new trendy beauty product, but they have actually been used for centuries! They have been popular and widely used in ancient China, Egypt and even the Mayan civilization in South America. For those who do not know, a face roller is a piece of metal with an oblong stone attached to the top. It is like a paint roller, but very small and with a beautiful stone on the end. Rolling this stone all over your face helps aid in muscle relief, increase circulation and rid your facial skin of toxins. Not only does it have fantastic benefits, it is also a really beautiful addition to your teen's beauty regimen and makes your face feel amazing and relaxed.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have been around for awhile, but are definitely still popular in 2021. There are plenty of different varieties of bath bombs out there, so you have a wide range of color, style and smell to choose from. Often, companies will associate the style and color of the bath bomb with its proposed benefits.

Hair Stylers

This is such a wide and vast area of products, but that just makes it all the more perfect for choosing a gift from. Hair style tools have come such a long way in the last decade. New products from Dyson and other high tech companies offer really interesting and fun ways for your teen to style their hair. No matter what type of hair they have, there is guaranteed to be a tool out there for them!

No matter what you choose, as long as you pay attention to what the teenager in your life enjoys, you will probably not go wrong. There are a lot of fashionable and trendy items out there and some are on this list, and there are also some tried and true items that have simply been given technologically advanced makeovers. If your favorite teen is a lover of all things beauty, one or any of these items will be a fantastic gift for them to enjoy and add into their daily routine!

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