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Top 5 best crypto exchanges

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency exchanges 2018

Cryptocurrencies are indeed just digital money, the tools of exchange that use cryptography and the blockchain technology to alleviate safe and anonymous transactions. There are thousands of them floating out on the market today, but Bitcoin is far and away the most famous.

The number of cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 2020 is over 3000 items and it is growing: new cryptocurrencies are being created constantly.

Cryptos have also become a quite popular investment tool, many people see them as a way to gain money. And there arises the question: which exchange to choose? Today there are many of them and not all of them are reliable. In this article we made a list of 5 best and trustworthy crypto exchanges as for today.

5 Best Crypto Exchanges


This popular service is a mastodon in the industry. Changelly was created five years ago and is one of the first crypto exchanges in the world. Today it still remains a very innovative service by enabling its users to buy tokens with debit cards directly on its site. It also offers its users a mechanism of fixed rates, that protects them from market fluctuation risks during the process of exchange. The platform supports such fiat currencies as USD, GBP, and EUR. An application in two modifications (for Android and for iOS) has recently been released making the process of convertation even easier.


Quickex is one of the best services that enables to exchange crypto currencies and trace the market value of currency pairs. The platform has a favorable rate and is a very good option for beginners and for experts. It was launched just two years ago but is already a trusted platform in the community. Upper amount limit is high and transactions are instant. The service is stable and simple to use and a lot of people are already using it and are happy from the heart. Quickex also offers an opportunity to take part in its Partnership Program and get up to 50% of revenue.


The platform claims that it is improving the service every day to give its clients the best exchange experience. You don’t have to sign up on the site, so your privacy is 100% protected. Transactions are instant and usually take about 10 minutes. The exchange rate is not fixed and can change due to the actual rate fluctuating by the time money have been transferred to the platform.


Shapebtc.com is a quick and simple fully automated crypto exchanger. The service offers a wide range of various currencies for exchange, high limits and the best rate chosen by the system. The platform is distinguished by extremely friendly customer support, which stands ready to assist its users 24/7. With over years, a lot of happy customers have reportedly provided number of positive reviews for it


The list of cryptocurrencies available for swapping isn’t so large (over 30) as compared with offerings of some other platforms, but it is still a promising new exchange. No registration needed for trading and the site won’t ask you to pass KYC confirmation procedures. The platform is secure, simple and quick — the transaction time is short. You are also able to fix the exchange rate for a couple of minutes, just press the “Fly now” button.

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