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Top 5 Best LED parking lot light in 2021

Have you seen any issues when parking? Then you will need some excellent parking lot lights to assist you to park your vehicle properly and without a scratch. The LED parking lot lights will illuminate the areas in a matter of seconds, and you will never have a viewing issue again. You can certainly keep your vehicle in good shape if you have a high-tech body. Take a look at Lepro lights at for a great selection of LED parking lot lights.

5. Kadision 150W

Kadision has created a very high-quality LED light that is UL and ETL certified. With the photocell sensor, you can put your work to better use. It may turn on and off depending on the luminous intensity from the Sun, resulting in significant power savings. The shorting cap, on the other hand, comes in useful if you wish to regulate the lights manually.

4. Dephen LED Parking Lot Lighting

Dephen provides you with an LED light that operates between 100 and 300 watts. As a result, it provides much superior and more efficient performance than the HID metal halide that you now have. This may be used for more than just parking lots; it can also be used in driveways, residential neighborhoods, and other places.

Furthermore, it is readily installed on poles, posts, walls, and other surfaces. You will undoubtedly offer you with a superior design that is suitable for both industrial and commercial usage.

3. LED Parking Lot Light Hykolity

This LED light lights your driveway, parking lot, or highway with a color temperature of 5000K. And that, certainly, with a brilliant white light that illuminates everything. It does, in fact, have type-III distribution.

As a result, a larger area of lighting is provided, and one of these lamps may illuminate three vehicles. With this light, you receive an industry-leading 5-year guarantee term, allowing you to purchase it with confidence.

2. EverWatt 600W Metal-Halide

You may now save up to one-fourth of your current power consumption without sacrificing brightness. This 5000K brilliant white LED light also provides brightness. By utilizing just 150 watts of electricity, it is about equivalent to your current 600W metal halide light.

Above all, this is made feasible by the ultra-efficient LED chips. It can produce over 20000 lumens when used together.

1. LED Parking Lot Light LEONLITE

Unlike other manufacturers, Leonlite's LED light comes with a slide fitter attachment that is suitable for a variety of setups. It may, however, glide over or by the pole, whether square or round and can easily go up on walls.

It also features high-quality casing, which protects it from shocks and prevents water and dust from entering the light. With an IP65 certification, even severe rains will not impair the operation of this light.



Using the finest LED parking lot lights can help you save money on energy. It uses less energy than incandescent bulbs because of its better lighting technology. Remember to consider the difference in watts when selecting the lumens. Our selection of the finest LED parking lot lights items above will provide you with flicker-free service. Choose one that meets all of your criteria for improving street safety.

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