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Top 5 Business schools to target in 2021

You must have heard this often in your life that choosing the best college is one of the most important decisions that one takes. And it is true! Given the fact that college holds a lasting impact on your professional and personal life, one must opt for the best ones only.

However, many students select a college that doesn’t have a stringent acceptance rate, or they have some emotions attached to it. Although this won’t hamper your academic success such an important decision should undergo a much higher level of scrutiny.

With admission season around the corner, it is time to narrow down your preference of B-schools.

Below are mentioned in the  top 5 business schools to target in 2021. With this information, you can dig deep to find out about the schools that are a good fit for you and match your career goals.

1. Harvard University

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Harvard University was set up in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. It is a private examination college that is the most established tertiary instructive foundation in the nation. It is the most popular college to go to America for graduate programs. The university flaunts the world's biggest scholarly library framework, comprising almost 80 libraries and more than 17 million books.

Harvard Business School is one of the most mainstream branches of the college. It is here that pioneers are made, as per the school's statement of purpose. The fact of the matter isn't a long way from reality — understudies are shown the morals and ethics behind the business and the changing atmosphere and are required to figure out how to observe business answers for issues when they graduate.

HBS is the most mainstream business college in America, and students apply in the number of thousands to be picked and be a part of the elite group of students.

Graduates are frequently the topmost qualified for positions and are generally recruited to new positions before they even pass out. It's no big surprise that HBS is a top business college pick for The Financial Times and The Economist.

2. HEC Paris School of Management

HEC  School of Management, or more ordinarily known as HEC Paris is Europe’s top B-school. It is located in Paris, France, and qualifies as being home to probably the best Management programs in the European Union. It holds accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS, and the AACSB International.

HEC Paris has the vastest scope of possibilities with regards to getting a graduate degree. The school provides every opportunity to give their degree to students, either by summer school, part-time school, one-year business programs, or by selective business school grants.

3. Stanford University

3 4-BMH

Known as one of the world's best colleges, Stanford University is situated in Stanford, California, US. It is a private research university that is known for having a strong alumni network that includes the founders of Google, Instagram, Nike, Snapchat, and more than sixty Nobel Laureates and several current and ex-members from Congress.

Students at Stanford can take part in various campus activities, both by turning out to be individuals from associations, enrolling in network administration programs, or by participating in Stanford's conventions and traditions, for example, the Mausoleum Ball, the Viennese Ball, and the school's yearly Halloween party. Religious grounds of different faiths are also found on the campus, enabling students to connect through a mutual fellowship.

The Stanford Business School is a model school that focuses on specialized education as much as they do on general education. This school has various certification options with its masters and doctorate degrees. This is beneficial for working professionals who wish to take up extra education but not another regular graduate degree. The most popular certificate program at Stanford is the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. This program is beneficial for those who want to build their startup or get into entrepreneurship.

4. London Business School (LBS)

4 2-BMH

If LBS (London Business School) is not present on your shortlist, it needs to be. The class profile currently holds a body that is 92% international students, with 68 nationalities.

As the name suggests, LBS is based in the capital city and business hub, and it is the only non-US business school that has got the number 1 position for a full-time program in MBA all over the world. In Europe, LBS has been that one business school that holds the top position for four consecutive years as reported by The Financial Times. While Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked the LBS’s MBA program at number two.

The school provides a challenging as well as a learning environment for students with diverse cultural, international, and professional perspectives. To develop global leaders in today’s market, LBS a vast curriculum that includes pre-term courses like GLAM (Global Leadership Assessment for Managers) and other programs like GBE (Global Business Experience) that provide students the specific-immersive opportunities. Also, LBS has recently launched a Leadership institute that will fund research projects, conferences, case clinics, and create innovative experiences. This will help students in improving their leadership practices.

5. Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a private research university that was established in 1851. It is located in Evanston, Illinois, United States. It is known to be the best for being in the top 10 when the matter is of university endowments, with students and faculty both receiving over $550 million to conduct sponsored research every year.

Since the school’s proximity to Chicago, Illinois is only 12 miles, students often split their time between the campus and city. However, most of the students find campus life too good, with various events, parties, sports, and seminars they are fully engaged. The traditions are highly regarded in the school with students coming from diverse backgrounds. Community service is also a highly regarded practice in Northwestern. Students are encouraged to participate in alternative spring break trips. These are student-led community service trips across the country, offering services to the needy or in charity. Additionally, students also engage in Global Engagement Summer Institute. This is a partnership program in association with the Foundation for Sustainable Development. It encourages students to go on service learning expeditions in various countries like Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

In the end, no matter how best these colleges are, it is always an individual’s choice where they want to go for higher studies. Selecting a college is a massive undertaking with a lot of factors to keep in mind. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully weigh all the factors, check the colleges’ websites as well as navigate your way through the entire process.   

Also applying in the first round of applications is preferred mostly as there will be less competition and limited seats would have been filled by then. But in case you want to go for round 2 be aware of the fact that the second round typically receives a large count of applications. However, you can apply whenever you feel confident about your application.

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