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Top 5 conditions to claim Personal injury compensation?

Personal injuries can give rise to claims for compensation, e.g. if you have been involved in a work accident, a traffic accident, been subjected to violence or have been mistreated. We have written a little more about different types of cases that can give a claim for compensation.

Not all accidents and injuries claim compensation, even if you are injured. In order for you to be able to claim compensation, there must be someone other than you who is responsible for the damage you received - either because they have made a mistake that was the cause of the personal injury, or because it is determined by law or agreement that they will be responsible.

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Work personal injury compensation

If you are exposed to an accident at work, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer's insurance company. In order to be entitled to compensation, you must have suffered an injury as a result of the accident, and the personal injury must have caused you a financial loss.

Traffic injury

In the event of a traffic accident, you are entitled to compensation from the insurance company for the car that caused the damage. If it is a car other than your own that was the cause of the accident, you may also be entitled to compensation through your own driver's insurance, which you have through your own insurance company. As in the occupational injury cases, in order to be entitled to compensation, you must have suffered an injury, and the injury must have caused you a financial loss.

In the event of injuries from a road accident, the injured party is entitled to compensation for all the damage that such impairments have caused him.

Both for the injury to one's psychophysical integrity ( damage to health ), and for all the prejudices of a patrimonial nature suffered (expenses incurred, loss of present and future earnings, loss or reduction of working capacity, etc.).

The non-pecuniary damage from a road accident is part of the biological , moral and existential damage .

To calculate how much money you are entitled to for compensation for physical damage from a road accident, there are specific tables to be used to quantify the amounts.

The amount of compensation depends on the points of permanent disability and the days of temporary disability resulting from the injuries sustained by the injured party in the accident.

It is up to the medical examiner , through his expertise, to quantify the extent of the impairments and ascertain the percentage and duration of the disability.

In traffic accident cases, you can also apply for reparation, if you believe the driver of the car has acted with gross negligence.

Violence compensation

If you have been the victim of violence, you may be entitled to compensation for victims of violence. You can then file a claim in the criminal case against the perpetrator, or submit an application for compensation to the "Office for Compensation to Victims of Violence".

As with the occupational injury and traffic personal injury cases, the violent incident (s) must have caused you an injury that has also caused you a financial loss. In addition, you can, as in traffic injury cases, apply for reparation, for the tort and sting you have experienced as a result of the criminal act.

Patient injury compensation

If you have been exposed to the incorrect treatment by your GP, hospital or other medical practitioner, you may be entitled to compensation from the Norwegian Patient Injury Compensation. The damage can be caused by both incorrect treatment or delayed treatment.

In order for you to receive compensation for a patient injury, you must first have received an injury that is due to treatment, examination, diagnosis or follow-up. Secondly, the patient injury must have caused you a financial loss that exceeds NOK 10,000.

physical damage from accidents

According to the Consolidated Law of Presidential Decree n.1124 of 1965, by accident at work we mean the injury that occurred due to a violent cause at work, resulting in the death or permanent invalidity of the worker or a temporary disability of longer duration to three days.

By occupational disease, on the other hand, we mean the pathology contracted during the exercise and due to risky work.

Unlike accidents, for which the opportunity to work is enough, illness requires a causal , or concausal, relationship between the occupational risk and the pathology to be defined as professional .

The worker who suffers an accident at work or an occupational disease is entitled to various benefits from the Inail , including a monetary compensation that can be paid in the form of capital or monthly annuity, based on the extent of the damage suffered.

Also for accidents and illnesses at work there are specific tables to be used to establish the extent of the damage and compensation.

For the calculation of the Inail compensation , the variables that come into play to determine the amount of the compensation are: age, degree of permanent disability and the annual salary of the worker.

For disability of less than 6% ( Inail deductible ) no compensation is paid by the insurance institution, while for biological damage between 6 and 15 percentage points a one-off capital compensation is provided.

For disabilities greater than 15 percentage points, a monthly life annuity is paid , the amount of which also depends on the salary received by the worker in the previous year.

Click on the link below to use our utility to calculate occupational disease and work-related injury compensation .

We remind you that the compensation of Inail is always granted to the worker, regardless of his responsibilities , of the employer or of third parties.

If, on the other hand, a responsible person is identified, the injured worker will also be entitled to compensation for the differential damage , the amount of which is equal to the difference between what can be obtained in civil law and what has already been compensated by Inail.

Solicitors firm

You may also want to contact a lawyer early in the process. In occupational personal injury, traffic injury and violence victim cases, reasonable and necessary expenses for a lawyer are covered by the insurance company / the public sector. In patient injury cases, the costs of a lawyer are covered according to a separate regulation after you have been upheld in that there is a failure in the treatment.

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