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Top 5 Cyber Security Certifications to Get in 2020

Two of the most common asked questions are: “Does a cyber security certification help in getting a good job or starting a career in cyber security? And "Which certification is worth it?” The response to the first question is a straight yes. Getting a certification can support you. This is pretty much true about finding another job, and also improving your insight and experience even in your present place of employment.

When it comes to certifications, there are two school of thoughts: one who believes that certifications do help you out in getting a secure future and the other who believes that skills, experience and acumen are everything that will earn you some good. It’s your right to agree or disagree but certifications, in most of the cases, are found to be helpful.

If you are about to dive into the cyber sea or looking to enhance your skills but you’re unsure which cyber security training certifications are worth it, and you fall in the category of people who are always weighing the pros and cons then this list is for you.

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Cost: US$500


  • Two years of cybersecurity experience
  • Must have already attended a five-day training course offered and approved by EC Council.

Average Salary: $79.3K

To stop a hacker, you should have the ability to think like one. It's a fascinating harmony between performing a task ethically and handling the contemplations like a normal cybercriminal would have. This sort of mindset is anything but easy which is why the Certified Ethical Hacker course was launched.

This course encourages the abilities you have to think and act like a hacker.

CEH students are dealt with real-time scenarios where they are presented to various ways hackers infiltrate systems and manipulate data. Students figure out how to sweep, test and hack and ensure their frameworks.

IT experts who complete this course have numerous situations to look over, the most infamous being penetration testing.

2.      Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Cost: US$415 (For ISACA members) and US$545 (for non-members)


  • Must have five years’ experience in information system auditing

Average Salary: $109K

The CISA certification centers around data analysis or you can say "information auditing". As an IT professional, being CISA-certified shows that you have a thorough experience of audit and are well-equipped for identifying and handling vulnerabilities and organizing controls at an enterprise level. The salary median for CISA holder varies greatly depending on when you choose to earn this certification. If you have a good 8-9 years of experience, then you’re most likely to be recruited for the position of senior Information security auditor and the average salary for this position is 168K.

CISA enables professionals to:

  • Audit information systems
  • Manage IT systems
  • Detect and deal with information systems vulnerabilities
  • Secure and protect digital assets

The good part about CISA test is that you can take the test anytime you want and you only need 50% passing score in the first attempt.

3. CompTIA Security+

Cost: US$269


  • Familiarity with PC framework and networks

Average Salary: $72K

CompTIA security+ certification is the one of leading entry-level cyber security certification for professionals who are seeking to enter the field of cybersecurity. If you’re a part of this industry then it is impossible to be unaware of its name and advantages. CompTIA Security+ is the most sought after certification also because it is vendor-neutral.

You will find out about procedures and strategies used to effectively configure, execute, set up and troubleshoot network security so as to minimize the risk of worms, viruses, Trojans, malwares and improper configuration.

  • Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP

Cost: US$549


  • Minimum of five years of working experience in cloud computing
  • Must have CISSP certification

Average Salary: $101K

Gaining the globally recognized CCSP cloud security certification ensures to boost your professional career and better secure assets in the cloud.

The CCSP indicates that you have the achieved expert level skills and information to configure, manage and protect information, applications in the cloud utilizing best practices, strategies and techniques built up by the cybersecurity specialists at (ISC)². This course is designed for anyone willing to learn and have a background in server administration, network administration and vmware virtualization.

CCSP test consists of 125 MCQs , required to be finished in 4 hours. The passing score for this test is 70%.

  • SANS GIAC Security Essentials – GSEC

Cost: US$769 (part of training) or US$1,899 (for certification attempt)

Requirements: More than just basic knowledge of network security.

Average Salary: $90K

GSEC is considered to be an entry-level certification that is designed for the IT enthusiasts who are looking to make their mark in the field of information security. SANS GSEC offers a full range of security certifications (around at least 38) which also covers up to the advanced level. Apart from paying the training fee, a maintenance fee of US$429 needs to be paid every year for renewal. The duration of GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) Exam is five hours. It has 180 questions and the passing score is 73%. If you’re a GSEC certified individual, it means you’re good at tons of skills, few of which are mentioned below:

  • Access Control & Password Management
  • Contingency Plans
  • Active defense
  • Critical control
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Cryptography Algorithms & Deployment

The interest for cybersecurity has kept on expanding over the recent years which has eventually increased the demand for security professionals. So gaining a certification in this field is a brilliant method to help achieve your career goals. With the correct qualification, you can achieve your professional objectives flawlessly and in a quick manner. One of the manners in which you can boost your profession phenomenally is by contributing your time and cash to earn the insights, aptitude, and experience, and there is no preferable method to do this other than the cyber security training certificates. Also, prepare yourself before sitting in the exam to get these certificates. You can get cybersecurity training by InfoSec Academy to help you prepare for the exam. Though we have mentioned the top 5 certifications based on a few ratings and obviously our own experience and analysis, now it’s up to you to decide which one is the best for you.

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