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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Education For 2019

The world is seeing a drastic change digitally. Different sectors of life are constantly introducing digital changes and implementations to bring a positive change and improved services. Let it be the corporate sector, health sector, fashion industry or educational world – the world is digitally transforming at a high pace. However, the educational sector took quite some time to introduce digital transformations but recently it has started introducing quite a few. Following are the top 5 digital transformation trends in education in 2019.

 Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Augmented reality and virtual reality help students to experience things without any extra cost. Students can experience history and traveling without actually having to travel or go away from their parents. AR and VR technology are excellent introduction for a student’s learning experience. Products like Google Expeditions plan on improving the AR experience for the people by introducing a wider range of experiences being available through simple phone apps. The best part about these technologies are that the teachers do not require a lot of training to operate these and when at times they do, they can easily take help from UK assignment writing help. Activities and technology like these ensures a student’s interest and engagement during the lectures and the motivation to learn better about the future.

Personalized Learning:

Personalized learning is an excellent introduction of technology especially for the students with any sort of disability. Personalized learning enables specific teaching methods for different students and each student gets to learn his lessons in the most suitable manner according to his personality and strengths. For instance, tech products like Dragon Speak lets students with dyslexic disorder write their papers using their voice or by speaking instead of having to write down spellings and words. This lets them portray their thoughts exactly how they process instead of forcing them to write it out and ruining the excellence due to spelling and sentence structure errors.

Internet of Things:

Internet of things has sped up the process of feedback which motivates the students to do better in each of their classes and assignments. With the help of internet of things, teachers can also track the time a student is taking for the completion of his assignment and the places he is getting stuck at. It will help the teachers to get a better understanding of the student’s personality and strength and weaknesses. Furthermore with the help of assignment writing help the students can get better assignments made immediately once their assignment is marked in the real-time due to internet of things.


Gamification of education help the students with smaller interest in studies to stay motivate and interested. It will also help them to imply their educational learning in reality in the form of these educational games. Similarly the teachers will also be able to create more appropriate situations to explain the students about different situations and problems. Even the most dry and difficult subject could be made interesting and happening with the help of gaming tools. The students will also start to show up for their most disliked classes more often.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has proven to be more productive than he humans. The customer service at institutes can be kept active 24/7 which ensures constant assistance to the students and parents but it also improves the institute. Similarly, AI and chat bots can provide help to the students with their homework and assignments in real-time instead of requiring them to wait until the next meeting hours of their teacher. However, it does not mean that the traditional teaching system would be completely replaced in the field of customer service ad human teachers would be available for more advanced and complicated questions and problems.

These are the top 5 digital transformation trends introduced in the educational sector. Technology is an excellent innovation which makes life easier and more productive for everyone. However, to make it useful for you it should be used in an appropriate manner instead of using it wrongfully. Introducing technology to the education sector will not only improvise the educational experience for the students but it will also help them learn new things in a more understanding manner.

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
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