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Top 5 E-learning Trends You Should Know

Today we can see that educational institutions are adopting innovative developments to their systems, relying on group resources and mechanisms to improve student life. The new improvements in the education system help students, teachers, and parents get more helpful information and connect with their educational centers and other educational systems that make education more convenient.

And since we are part of such changes, we will see the development of last year's trends in the next few years, and we will definitely not feel the lack of new ones because the world is becoming more and more digital. 

As we approach the fourth quarter of 2021, now is an excellent opportunity to consider the year's eLearning trends. It's fascinating to consider the ramifications of the unforeseen 2020, especially in the eLearning system. As day by day, we see new changes and improvements in this sphere, don’t you want to know what to expect then?

#1 Social media in eLearning

The use of social media in education allows students to get more helpful information to connect with different learning groups. Social networking tools provide students and institutions with many opportunities to improve their teaching methods. And although many learning management systems have been using the concept of virtual training, multimodal learning, or online coaching for more than a decade, this is not new to our society, but it has never been widely accepted. Why?

The step of involving students through social networks may seem unnatural to teachers. After all, many are accustomed to formal, somewhat dry-cold communication. We know from research that educators are hesitant to use social media platforms or, if they do, sometimes avoid using them for their intended purpose. However, social media allows lecturers to connect with students in new ways, engage in the teaching process, etc. In addition to teaching, there are other benefits for educators, researchers, coaches, and the rest.

Social media is truly the most wonderful means of communication of all time (and not only), allowing you to communicate with people like in real life without significant difference. Underestimating the role of social networks deprives us of the most convenient and currently the most popular method of development. 

#2 Gamification

We just have to learn to take advantage of anything negative. After the spread of the Internet, many people became addicted to computer games; some made it their only source of income, this was simply negatively received by the general public. So always making everything positive will let you add game principles to non-game contexts like LMS platforms, along with colorful aesthetics, which may boost engagement and encourage learners to cooperate and interact more.

#3 Mobile learning

It's no secret that more and more people nowadays use their smartphones to access the Internet. This may not be new to the online education system; however still, it is improving day by day, innovations are being introduced, and online education is becoming more convenient and accessible everywhere. Even though the desktop version works perfectly, this has more chances to develop. It has its distinct features. Because of the smaller screen size, additional distractions of mLearning are spreading fastly and are approved by many people. M-learning allows students to carry their learning materials with them wherever they go. You don't have to be in the same area at the same time to learn. The learning materials are carried in your pockets.

#4 Video-based learning

I will talk about a ubiquitous topic, but this once again proves the accuracy of my example. Let's face it - how many times do we just read all the posts while scrolling through the Facebook page? Of course, very few, but we almost always watch videos, especially if they are short. Now imagine that you need to learn about Electromagnetism or Projectile Motion. Although the process of comprehending the material is very individual to people, do you still think that it will be easier to just listen to the teacher explain the topic instead of reading and analyzing tens of pages? Video in eLearning has been on the rise for a while, and it's only going to continue to grow as interactive video gets easier and more popular to create.

#5 Improving Learning Management System

Learning management system (LMS) allows educators to add texts, pictures, videos, pdfs, tables, links, text formatting, interactive exams, slideshows, and other elements. They may also establish users, including teachers, students, parents, visitors, and editors. It allows you to select which content a student has access to, track their progress in class, and communicate with them using contact tools. Teachers have the ability to administer courses and modules, as well as enroll students and set up self-enrollment.  Choosing an LMS that can gather, analyze, and interpret data will become necessary in your future corporate training strategy. 

To sum up

And it does not matter how much effort you put into doing the technical work of the courses you have created brilliantly; if you are not innovative, you do not try to make your lessons exciting and more competitive by using the trends of the year, you will not achieve the result you are expecting.

In the recent past, we all wanted to see a more accessible, better-organized, video-based, mobile-enabled, flexible eLearning system; why not an online education with no internet connection, with all the features I mentioned above, and why not with new features too? Vast amounts of information are available to us through our smartphones. Isn’t this magic?

Each of these five options has its own impact and contribution to education. Accessibility everywhere and flexibility speed up hours-long processes, helping to save time. Others are innovative approaches that make the lesson more effective, and the course material becomes easier to understand. If you are thinking about where to start, keep these five options in mind trying to move in this direction. Read More

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