Top 5 Easy Exercises To Boost Your Mental Health During Lockdown


Let’s be real! We all could use help in boosting our mood from time to time, especially during this lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Life can get a little bit crazy sometimes when we get stressed, anxious, depressed, and our entire mood suffers. 


Most of us already know that working out can make us stronger when it comes to physical strength. However, many of us map out fitness goals with the purpose of seeing our mental health improve? 


If you want to know exactly how to exercise to instantly boost your mood, we have the information for you to get the best mood-boosting exercises that will reduce your bad mood funk. Here’s what you need to know!  

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#1 Boost Your Mood With a Yoga Flow Workout 


If you’ve been feeling down lately, why not create your own home gym, grab your yoga mat, and make your yoga your new BFF and favourite mood-boosting exercise to get your mind and body focused. Yoga is a great form of exercise that really helps you relax and also stretches out those tired and sore muscles at that same time. 


Research says that yoga can help lessen feelings of depression and anxiety. So if you are experiencing those, get your yoga flow on, and choose your favourite yoga workout on mobile apps that are free for you to be guided in your workout that will help you feel best and boost your mood. 


The hack here is to practice yourself getting into a regular yoga routine. The more you get yourself into it, the more you can really maximize those benefits. Make sure you aim for at least a few times per week, and if you perform a short yoga flow each morning, you’ll be shocked with the result it will have for your mood and health. 


#2 Walking is Best for Your Mental Health 


The easiest, most accessible and cheapest exercise of all, is walking! Although any exercise is a great idea a small ten-minute walk in nature can be of huge benefit to mental health. The most important thing to remember here is that moving your body, in a way that is simple and enjoyable, it’s the best way to start. But don’t place too many harsh goals down. If you’ll do that, it will less likely that you will want to do it, and in the end, you won’t get it done. 


Studies found out that aerobic activity with low-intensity is the best type of exercise for releasing positive thoughts and enhancing alertness. You can begin slowly and gradually speeding your pace and distance as you go can have a big payoff in terms of making mental health steps. 


Exercise in gentle and low impact may be the best option initially if you are experiencing a physical health problem or prone to panic attacks, which can affect breathing. 


#3 Lift Weights If You Can’t Think Straight 


If you’re having those brain fogs, just grab your weights. It’s normal to feel like you can’t focus and feel overwhelmed with life. So, just take a break and grab some weights. Research says that lifting weights may improve cognitive function. So as you lift weights such as dumbbells, work on your bis and tris and you’ll feel more focused and not so moody as you power through the rest of your day. 


#4 Get a Cardio Sesh If You Feel Frustrated 


Our list of mood-boosting exercises won’t be complete if we don’t include cardio in it. Cardio junkies can completely relate to that “runners high” they experience after a good run or cardio sesh. All the endorphins that are freed after a sweat-dripping exercise are enough for anyone who wants to commit to a more regular cardio workout routine.


If your mind is so cloudy and you want to enhance your mood, you should consider some cardio. A HIIT or Tabata workout is even a better way to combat stress, and you’ll likely feel ten times amazing after your workout. 


However, if you’re not that overly excited about the idea of cardio but you want to see what result it can give you, try biking or cycling instead for a more fun vibe. There’s nothing more fun such as free-wheeling down a hill on your bike, sensing the wind in your hair blow the worries away. 


#5 Dance Your Problems Away


Dancing is also good for your mental health since it’s usually associated with being happy. Even if you’re not feeling it, getting yourself into the rhythm can mean that self-esteem slowly increases as you lose yourself in the groove. Dancing not only relieves stress and make you focus on the present, but it also improves posture, and boost your self-confidence. 

While on lockdown, it’s easier to do dance classes from the comfort of your home. You won’t be needing any kettlebells or resistance bands to have that sense of rhythm. The important thing is to enjoy and love your dancing!