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Top 5 Effective Types of Animations for Website

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Webpage animations is rather complicated question. The limitations of older browsers are imposed on weak user devices, poor internet, and sun flashes. When developing, you need to take into account a billion nuances for everything to work on the user's device.

The role of animation

Today, manufacturers have become more thoughtful and are trying to get the most out of their website design. Additional interactive features on the page are used to create a wow effect. It would seem how an animal waving its paw can help its owner? People like everything new, what impresses them.

Many will willingly begin to interact with an animated cat by reading its message. Animated elements on the site add creativity to it, making it stand out from other (more familiar, monotonous) pages. Modern animation for websites like explainer video combines many elements.

The need for animated elements in website design animation

The user may not always notice the items he needs on your site, or he may just get bored. In this case, you need to help him, moving guides, animals, or color changes, visually highlight the buttons with a call to action. However, moving animals are not a panacea in the development of your business, the site should be thoughtful, beautifully designed from the beginning.

You shouldn't skimp on website design if your business largely depends on it. Take advantage of an individual style with the development of a corporate identity. A high-quality interface with animation effects will make your site stand out from many others, will cause a wow-effect on the user, and the desire to return to you again.


When using animation effects for footer design, be careful with the pros and cons. Certainly moving elements can improve usability by helping to attract users. However, they can, and vice versa, disorient visitors, appearing at inappropriate points on the page, without having a logical connection with the content. The effects should complement the main idea, helping the user implement the desired solution.

Most people will close a tab if it takes too long to display. CSS animation for website is used for pre loaders, which reduce the time before the "first interaction" of the visitor with the page content. This method significantly reduces the bounce rate. Much depends on the professionalism of the performer; in inept hands, animation can worsen the failure rate.

There are several successful web animation techniques to show animation on the user's screen.

  1. Video. It weighs a lot and it is difficult to set up seamless playback in it. The video is suitable for short animations that do not overload the site.
  2. GIF animations. They are common, but developers sacrifice the fullness of the color palette to reduce weight. Otherwise, such animations weigh too much, even more than videos.
  3. A set of sequentially switching pictures, they are also sequences. Roughly speaking, this is a video without frame compression, which also weighs a lot and slows down the browser.
  4. Hand-animated HTML elements or SVG. Requires a complex development process.
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Impact on the usability and relevance of Flash animation

With the help of an animation, you can arouse interest in the visitor, a state of involvement. The main thing is not to harm by overdoing it with inappropriate, distracting elements.

This technology is now extremely rarely applicable due to its irrelevance. When creating interfaces, developers use After Effects, which significantly outperforms Flesh.

3D and WEB

Creation and technical support of 3D on the web takes a lot of time and money. The developer has a great responsibility for using it on the platform. 3D objects weigh much more than 2D objects, which increases the risk of rejection due to the user's unwillingness to wait for the page to load.

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