Top 5 Expensive and Best Fishing Rods in Today’s Marketplace


Fishing rod is not new invention as it exists in this world from about 2000 BC. But over time you can see the impact of modernization and advancement has changed the look, power and ability of the fishing rod. In 18th century, people used to make DIY fishing rod with the help of bamboo as it can meet the strength needed in a rod to accomplish the task.

Later on, innovations have changed the appearance and functional ability of the rod making it perfectly suitable to these days’ anglers. Many fishing enthusiasts have complained that despite paying handsome money yet they don’t get a fishing rod of their choice and quality. This post will make you look at some best fishing rods which are worthy in every penny. So, let’s have a look on them.

1.     Crowder Rod – $529.99

If you are crazy about innovation and modernization then you should go for this fishing rod. For you it may be expensive but it is worth in every penny as it is equipped with every detailed feature and accessory a fishing angler wants from the rod. Obviously manufacturers leave endless options for you to choose from but its customization facility can suit your need and preferences perfectly.

2.     Daiwa Rod – Over $500

Whenever you want a great fishing rod below $1000, Daiwa Rod is the name that strikes your mind at first. It may seem expensive to you but it can add an incredible pace during enjoying the activity.

The customization facilities will make the rod friendlier; rather a true companion to enjoy fishing in saltwater. Designing to serve an array of purposes it has earned good reputation in certain fields like sidearm cast and underhand.

3.     Orvis Helios 2 Fishing Rod – $795

It is the most preferable choice of numerous fishing enthusiasts and even it is regarded as worthwhile. No matter which type of fishing sport you are going to enjoy like freshwater fishing or fly fishing or salt water fishing, it can accomplish you to hold on big catch.

Hence, by purchasing this, you can add some value to your fishing kit. Not only it will enhance the success of fishing but also the durability of the rod helps you to enjoy its maximum benefits.  

4.     Combo Bent Butt Fishing Rod – $1,788

Fishing rod is the key equipment you need for fishing. With so many options in the market you can some are affordable and some expensive. If you are looking for a fishing rod below $1500 then this one can be your ultimate choice.

This one is a splendid combination of the modern materials which can give so extreme strength. Although, it is slightly expensive yet it is the rare one in butt fishing rods. So, you can take into this consideration to make worthy and long-term investment.

5.     Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod – $4,600

It is the most expensive fishing rod you can ever find in today’s marketplace. It is so; because it comes with full customization facility for accompanying the angler in much better way. You can find gold inlays engraved on the surface of its handle making it a masterpiece to be owned by millionaires.

Therefore, these are names for which you can take the risk of making huge investment. The sturdiness, durability and customization ability will make these turn out to be worthy, beneficial and fruitful. Now, it’s up to you which one will you prefer for next time fishing. Visit our blog Fishing Tools Review today!