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Top 5 Factors That Increase The ROI Of Your Website

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There are various factors which increase the ROI (return of investment) of your website. Top five factors which greatly changes and increase the ROI are mentioned below. these top five factors include the range of visitors on-site and their clicks on a post, the ranking of popular pages on the Google Analytics, the purchase, and discussion of landing pages, lesser bounce rate, and upload of updated and original content.

1. Visitor Range And Clicks

This is one of the top five factors which increase the ROI of your website. The new and old visitors affect the ranking of the site. The major point to consider is their longer stay on your site. For example; if you are using free web hosting sites in Pakistan and a visitor stay on your site for five to ten minutes, this shows the credibility and utility of your website. The Google Analytics read such behavior of visitors and identify the increase ROI for your website.

2. Popular Pages

The popular pages are those pages which become viral on the search engines due to their unique story, maximum utility, or which shows some major facts and figures. If your website has gained the opportunity to raise popular pages then there are a greater chance that the ROI of your website will increase. The website which offers information on current incidents, world facts, and figures, celebrities information, tech innovation, or inspirational personality gained easy access to raise popular pages on their site. This allows a popular page to remain on high ranking for months or even years on Google Analytics.

3. Landing Pages

The third top factor which increases the return of investment of your website in the maximum use of landing pages. Landing pages can offer online purchase or access to full-length documents. The landing pages which offer online purchases gain more visibility. This offers online form filling for order submission and transaction methods selection. This practice generates more clinks on the page and hence increase the return of investment of your website.  

4. Bounce Rate

The fourth top factor which changes the return of investment of the website is the bounce rate. The bouncing of website page means if a visitor has opened the page and suddenly clicked back, this is considered as bouncing of site. The incidents of the bouncing site occur when a visitor clicks on site mistakenly and want to roam back. The second reason for the bouncing site is that the visitor may not find the required information. The third reason can be that the site is taking a extensive time to upload. Careful overcoming of these factors can reduce the bounce rate and upsurge the ROI of your website.

5. Unique Content

The fifth top factor which increases the ROI of your website is the presence of unique and genuine content in the site. The copied or stolen content can be detected by Google Analytics and this increase the chances of reducing the credibility of the site. Hence, it is obligatory to use original and new content for effective ROI on site.

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