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Top 5 features of Hindi typing keyboard

Missing your family and home too much? Most of the millennials and other people who due to work opportunities leave their home, city and state to earn a better living, miss it.


That feeling of living together, speaking the local language, traditional food and whatnot. All these lovely memories create a special emotion among people which they crave for.


Well, to help you find a sustainable solution to this problem which more than 80% of youth in India face today, Bharat Keyboard has come up with a solution.


Bharat Keyboard has designed a unique made in India, Hindi keyboard app to help all connect in Hindi from any place around the world.


The Hindi typing keyboard enables all the people to chat with their family and friends in their mother tongue like never before.


So is this app, only for the Hindi speaking community?


The answer to this very question is a big NO!

Any Hindi speaker or a non-Hindi speaker who has access to android smartphones, or devices can download the Hindi typing keyboard to learn Hindi language and communicate in the Hindi language.


This app provides the fastest typing experience with that too in your regional language. So check out the five most amazing features of Hindi typing keyboard and be a part of digital Hindi community with us.


     Hindi typing

Are you finding it difficult to type in Hindi over your regular keyboard?


Well, it is beyond the capacity of any regular digital keyboard to type in any of the regional languages, except English and Hindi, in context of India.


But worry not, the Hindi typing keyboard launched by Bharat keyboard is the answer to all your queries. Now, you can easily type and chat with your Hindi relatives over WhatsApp, Instagram, messenger or any of the apps installed on your android device.


The Hindi keyboard works efficiently across all the apps. So now forget about the stress and enjoy unlimited Hindi typing experience on your fingertips.


     Voice typing

Are you suffering from arthritis, or lack fast typing speed or not familiar with the functioning of these electronic devices.


No need to worry any more, the voice typing feature in the Hindi typing keyboard is the best solution for you. Now you can tap the microphone icon and speak out your long and short messages. The AI-enabled app recognizes words and sentences from your speech and translates it into text messages within seconds.


Yes, so now you can easily chat and interact over messages with all your friends without worrying about your arthritis or typing speed or any other issue, which prevented you initially to perform interaction in the Hindi language.


     Hindi stickers

Are you looking for ways to make your Hindi communication interesting over your smartphones?


Well, the fun and engaging Hindi stickers and gifs embedded in the Hindi keyboard is here at your rescue. This keyboard comes with a customized pack of Hindi stickers and gifs which everyone can truly relate to.


The use of these elements along with your text message adds feelings and emotions to your message and makes it more interesting for the users.


Not just that, the use of AI technology in the Hindi typing keyboard helps in suggesting the best stickers that are relevant to your message and helps the user at the other end to get the right context.


     Glide typing

Ever heard of typing long-form of a text message without lifting your finger?


Well, it is now possible. You can now swipe your finger from one word to another without lifting your finger and you can have the desired out as you want.


This feature of swipe while your type available in Hindi typing keyboard is what makes it so special. The swipe while your text is all that we mean by glide typing.


So do not get confused between swipe while you type and glide typing as both means the same. This amazing feature at times leads to the formation of inappropriate words due to spelling errors. But the auto-correct feature embedded in the Hindi keyboard helps you to get the right word with the right context all the time.


     Stylish fonts

Font style is an amazing way to convey the emotion that lies behind any message.


At times when we feel happy, we tend to use the fancy and creative font. To highlight some important information, we use bold and enlarged text to highlight its significance without uttering a word.


Well, this is the power of font styles. It can add creative angles to your text and makes it engaging for the readers to read the same and interact.


So, these are the top five features of Hindi typing keyboard designed and launched by Bharat keyboard.


What are you waiting for? If this is a solution you dreamt for, don't be late and explore the hidden and exciting features that Hindi keyboard brings to you.


It is very easy to download hindi keyboard across all your android devices from the play store. Click here and enjoy hassle-free Hindi typing experience as a means to reconnect with your roots in this smart and tech-savvy world of today!





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