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Top 5 Free Apps For Real Estate Agents


Did you know that homes with high-quality photography sell 32 percent faster? In fact, according to the National Association Realtors, 83 percent of homebuyers rated photos as the most important website feature.

Whether you are selling a house or leasing an office, visual storytelling is the best way to capture consumers’ attention. Visual storytelling is simply using the power of images to bring a space to life. Images can come in multiple forms: there are 2D photos, 3D photos, and even Augmented Reality photos. At Birdnest, we use five free apps to bring a space to life, and they are all free and easy to use.


Having great photos is one of the best ways to help clients visualize a space. That’s why at Birdnest we focus so much on creating great photos. But it’s hard to snap a good photo from your phone.

You are in luck, Snapseed is a free app that is powerful like Photoshop, and easy-to-use like Instagram. Within seconds, we are able to turn this dark photo into a bright photo.

Birdnest space before and after Snapseed
Birdnest space before and after Snapseed


Another way to help a client visualize a space is to provide them a floor plan. There are apps out there but they can cost a fortune and can take a long time to learn.

That’s why at Birdnest we love Magicplan. It couldn’t be easier to use: just open the app, walk along the walls and corners, and voila, you are done! We created the floorplan below in under a minute!



The best thing next to an in-person tour is a 3D tour. Showing your clients 3D tours in advance can also save you some trips showing a space they are not interested in.

Creating a 3D tour is quick and cheap. We use a camera called Theta which can take a 3D photo in a blink. The images are automatically transferred to the app, which you can use to upload to your website.


Staging a space can be expensive and for some smaller spaces, it might not worth the effort. Houzz is our secret sauce - it’s a free app that has an Augmented Reality (AR) function where you simply point your phone at an empty space, select a piece of furniture from the app, and place the furniture in that empty spot.

All the furniture you see in this photo are not real, we created them using Houzz in minutes.

Birdnest space with AR
Birdnest space with AR


This app allows you to design and create chic flyers like a pro. Why should you use a standard flyer when you can design your own and stand out amongst your peers. Canvas allows you to create stunning designs and ensure your property/space look amazing.

There you have it, our top five favorite apps to bring a space to life. The best part is that they are free and easy to use.


Nick Jiang Nick Jiang is the co-founder and CEO of Birdnest, a curated, visual place for startups to find their dream office. Prior to Birdnest, Nick had grown venture-funded startup Shots to over 10M active users. Duke MBA, Princeton Engineering.
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