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Top 5 Gifts for Lawyers

Everyone appreciates a generous gift. It is a cultural act, carried on from generation to generation and signifies that people in our circles—friends, relatives and peers—care for us. It is a way of expressing love and gratitude to our close ones. We share gifts on multiple occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, religious ceremonies, promotions and many more. Buying a suitable gift is something we all give thought to before running to our local gift shop or the realm of online shopping. We want to gift something which will be used by the person and becomes a symbol of the bond between two people and also reminds them of each other. Here is a list of gifts you should go through if your loved one is a lawyer.

1) Briefcase

One of the go-to gifts and very popular among the corporate and legal world is a briefcase. They range from small folio cases to large catalogue cases both for men and women, with hundreds of designs to choose from. You can select anything you want depending on the needs of the person who would be using it. If he/she only carries documents, then you can get a sleek-looking portfolio case which is also available in matte black and other intriguing colors. For someone who takes a laptop to work, which his ubiquitous these days, you can opt for a regular-sized leather briefcase or a small attaché type, which will have a rustic and timeless feel to it. The standard color of a brown case with gold buttons gives a classic look, but you can opt for what you feel is most suitable. You can also buy a catalogue case if your lawyer friend travels a lot for work and has to carry a lot of filers and gadgets with him at all times. You can find any of these items in a briefcase shop or an online market in the section marked as gifts for lawyers.

2) Books

Both a sign of love and helpful for personal growth, books don't require an occasion, although they make the best items to gift. You can gift it to someone who likes reading or to someone who doesn't read, and he/she might develop the habit. Reading is an excellent source of knowledge and helps develop a personality. You can choose from the thousands of genres available to gift from. It can be a book you loved reading or a book that you think your friend will enjoy. It can be about famous lawyers and real cases fought, or it can be a legal thriller. There is no end to it. Books make fantastic gifts and are very cost-efficient. Among the thousands present, "A Time to Kill" by John Grisham and "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee are popular courtroom dramas.

3) Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Layers handle sensitive information all the time, and it is not safe to leave legal documents and their copies to be dumped in the trash can directly as you don't want sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. A cross-cut paper shredding machine, therefore, is the perfect gift. This appliance will shred paper into small, tiny pieces. You can increase the security setting, which will shred the paper into even finer pieces, making it virtually impossible to be read by the naked eye. The shredding process in a cross-cut shredder is comparatively slower than its rivals, but it provides the maximum level of security for its user.

4) Whiskey decanter set

Lawyers are one of those working professionals who are known for pouring a neat one regularly. If your lawyer friend often fancies analcoholic drink, you can buy him/her a whiskey decanter set. They have an excellent crystal feel to them and are available in a variety of designs ranging from classic to modern.

5) Coffee mug

Although very common and readily available, a customized coffee mug serves a greatpurpose for thoselawyers who have busy work hours or sleepless nights. A coffee mug with the right message or a photograph will remind the user of you whenever they are working. It can be something motivational to help them through the night, or it can be something sweet and charming to bring a smile to his/her face.

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