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Top 5 hair removal methods

Our hairs have a significant effect on our looks. It can change the whole look of a person at times. But that’s only limited to hair on our head.

Hairs growing on other parts of our body might not be that much welcoming for us. So, you will want to remove that unwanted hair from your body.

Although it’s not that easy, there are many ways to remove hair. Picking the suitable process to remove hair can be an intimidating task for you.

Which is why I am here to help you choose the best option to remove needless body hair. 

These are the 5 top hair removal methods I’ve got for you.

1.Using an epilator

An epilator is a hair removal device. It takes out hair from the roots of your body parts. There are basically two types of epilator you can get for yourself. One is dry and the other one is wet.


Working with the goal of completely removing your hair, Best epilator does a pretty decent job. It doesn’t require any additional chemicals or creams to remove body hair.

You just need to take the device on your hand. Keeping it at a right angle in respect to your body is the first step. Then while holding it lightly against your skin, you just have to run it over your body in the same direction as your body hair grows. This is the easiest way to remove hair from the roots.

Benefits of an epilator

An epilator can help you in the following ways-

  • Longer lasting results
  • Smoother skin
  • Removes short hairs
  • Slower hair growth rate
  • No additional substances required
  • Hassle free


There aren’t many drawbacks in using epilators. In the beginning it might cause discomfort and pain. Also, if the device is used in the wrong direction it can cause damage.

2.Using a razor

Well we all know about razors. It’s a tool used for shaving and the most used tool as well. It’s the easiest simplest and the most affordable way of removing hair.


It’s really needless to talk about how to use a razor. Everyone must have done it at least once in their lifetime.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind while using a razor. The basic process of shaving is soaking the skin using water. Then applying shaving gel or cream to the area. Finally remove hair with light strokes on the skin using a sharp razor. Additionally, a special cream, moisturizer or an aftershave can be used to maintain a soft skin.

Benefits of using razor

Advantages of a razor for hair removal-

  • You can shave everyday
  • Fast and effective
  • Affordable
  • You can do it wherever you want
  • Easy to do


Hair removal with razor can cause a burning sensation in the skin. It can leave ingrown hair if not done properly. The effects of shaving don’t last for long. Mostly shaving has a risk of causing a cut on the skin.  

3.Using tweezers

Tweezers are mostly used for plucking out facial hairs. You need to be careful of the things you use on your face as the skin is very sensitive there. At the same time, you can’t just keep the uncalled-for hair keep growing.


Using tweezers are simple, there’s not much going on there. But there needs to be some preparation before you pluck out your hairs using a pair of tweezers.

You shouldn’t pluck out your facial hairs without opening up the pores. Try plucking hairs after a shower so the skin is soft while you’re doing it. It is recommended to keep the tweezers in a cold temperature. As cold metals help reduce pain while plucking. To pluck out the longer hairs it is better use tweezers that have slanted-tips. And for the shorter hairs having pointed-tips works better. Then you just have to pluck the hair in the same direction as the hair grows.

Benefits of tweezers

Advantages of tweezers-

  • Inexpensive for usage
  • Easy to use
  • Nothing additional required
  • Ensures safety
  • Precise handling


The disadvantages you can get using a tweezers aren’t many. The biggest drawback is not being able to use it on every body part. It causes ingrown hairs or makes a scar on the spot. Also tweezing sometimes causes redness and inflammation.

4.Using creams

Do you want to remove hair without causing any pain or discomfort? Then this is the best way you can do so. There are a lot of different types of creams that help removing your unwanted hairs. They are called depilatory creams.


Right before thinking of using depilatory cream you must make sure it compliments your skin. There are different creams for different skin types. So, you must find the right one for your skin.

Take a bath and dry your skin before using the cream. After that you’re ready to apply the cream on your skin. Let the cream to settle down for a few minutes. Then remove it with a soft cloth or a damp spatula. There is an aftereffect of using the cream. Your skin can get a little red or it might itch a bit. But that’s normal. Use moisturizer to keep the skin soft and smooth. Follow all the directions and warnings that come in the package.

Benefits of cream

The privileges you get from creams are-

  • Painless
  • Easy to use
  • Low-cost
  • Risk-free
  • Convenient


Using creams totally depends on the user’s skin. If it isn’t compatible with your skin then it can seriously damage the skin. Also, low quality products can cause skin issues and diseases over time.

5.Using wax

Waxing is a conventional way of hair removal. It is basically wax spread over on a particular portion of the skin. This method ensures hair removal from the roots.


Waxing is quite easy. There’s no rocket science to this. It is just thick wax spread over the skin and pulled off in a quick motion.

You can either use a wax strip or you can use war wax. For the strip you just stick it to the part where you want your hairs to be removed then pull the strip with one quick movement. As for the warm wax, you apply it to your desired area. Then cover it with a cloth so it sticks. Finally pull it just like a strip and get hair free soft smooth skin. This gives a long-lasting effect of 2 to 3 weeks.

Benefits of waxing

The advantages you get from waxing are-

  • Long-lasting effect
  • No risks of cutting
  • Gives better results
  • Easy to do
  • Time saving
  • Not too costly


One drawback to waxing that is quite popular is that it is painful. Also, you can’t use wax to get rid of hairs from all over the body. It can be very risky to use wax on face. As waxing rips the hair out it is assumed that it can damage your skin over time.


Actually, there is no particular method for everyone. Hair removal totally depends on how you want to proceed and what is your preference.

But if you don’t have knowledge of the whole thing then your decisions can certainly go wrong. So, I just provided you some information that may help you take an informed decision and get satisfactory results.

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