Top 5 Health Issues Entrepreneurs Should Guard Against In 2021


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have the responsibility of looking after all aspects of the business. Right from developing the product to finding new customers and hiring employees, an entrepreneur does multiple things at the same time.

However, all these things add to stresses, pressures and can take their toll on an entrepreneur’s health. Recent studies have shown how issues like heart diseases, diabetes, mental health problems, etc. are rampant in entrepreneurs as old as thirty.

In this article, we speak to a senior medical expert, Dr Gerard Leong, and ask him why is there a steady rise in health issues for entrepreneurs. In addition, we also ask him to list down five of the major health issues entrepreneurs should guard against in 2021.

Why Health Issues are Rising in Entrepreneurs?

Dr. Gerard Leong states that the adverse economic and financial impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic is and will contribute to health issues in entrepreneurs. He states that the lockdown, slow business, rising costs, and increasing loans are some major reasons, why entrepreneurs are starting to feel the health pinch.

He also points out that most entrepreneurs were professionals who have given up their cushy and comfortable desk jobs and walked into being business owners. They have in most cases, used their savings, borrowed from friends and family, and even taken financial help from banks.


The pandemic and the consequent drying of economic activities have increased stress levels multiple times. While business pressure always exists, in a rising and growing economy, if the business and the strategies are good enough you succeed. However, the pandemic presented an entirely different set of challenges, which most did not have any prior expertise in navigating.

List of Top 5 Health Issues Entrepreneurs should guard against in 2021

1. Heart Diseases-

It has been found that stressful conditions, unhealthy eating patterns, and zero exercises are having a major effect on the heart. Entrepreneurs, as young as thirty are walking into clinics complaining of breathlessness and fatigue.

Closer examination has revealed a poorly functioning heart blocked arteries and thinning the blood. Dr. Gerard Leong, himself a leading cardiologist states that he has seen very young people walk into his clinic with severe heart issues, which are often found later in age.

2. Diabetes-

There is a common misconception that diabetes and blood sugar are because of the intake of too much sugar. However, medical science has proven that stress levels, tensions, and poor mental health are significant contributors to rising cases of diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is fairly common in entrepreneurs and is brought upon by multiple poor lifestyle choices. Too much intake of caffeine (with sugar) through the day, along with aerated drinks and no physical workout is leading to a gradual increase in diabetes cases.

3. Obesity-

Tech entrepreneurs who work fourteen to sixteen hours in front of computer screens on a chair are prone to suffer from obesity. While obesity might be thought of as a condition, which affects or triggers other diseases, experts are of the opinion that it is a disease in itself.

Binging on take-outs, drinking too much soda, having little to no exercise, and being stationary in one place is contributing to rising obesity levels in entrepreneurs. Dr. Leong states that it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and improve food choices as an entrepreneur.

4. Anxiety and Depression-

Setting a new business and starting life anew as an entrepreneur is a risky thing to do. Not all businesses succeed and more than fifty percent of them fail within the first two years. The fear of sustenance, of holding ship can take a toll on an entrepreneur’s mental health.

There are not a lot of people you can talk to and discuss your challenges with. This makes an entrepreneur feel alone. The stakes of being successful are so heavily weighted against you that every single failure comes across as being the end of the world.

5. Osteoporosis-

Osteoporosis is a condition, in which the bones and their connecting tissues become very weak. Dr Leong states that the same is primarily a result of two main factors- increasing weight and no physical exercises. If you are not making your legs work out, your bones will get weak.

Sitting for long hours, being immobile, and piling on weight will harm the bones and connecting tissues in the leg. Once osteoporosis sets in, it will lead to damaging bone tissues and slight injuries can lead to fracture.

The Final Word

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand that there will always be pressures and challenges. However, leading a proper lifestyle is necessary at all times. Dr. Gerard Leong suggests eating healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water, and exercising for at least an hour a day can keep almost all the heart and health issues in entrepreneurs away.