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Top 5 Hygiene Products Every Workplace Needs

When it comes to choosing hygiene products for the workplace, any savvy business owner will want to ensure that they are suitable for the level of demand that will be placed on them and that they provide the maximum level of protection from germs and bacteria.

Maintaining standards

All public and workplace washrooms need a variety of products on a daily basis to maintain suitable levels of hygiene for users and allow for cleaning routinely.  Users will want access to toilet paper in an easy to access dispenser where they can be sure that hygiene standards are maintained; having access to rolls or sheets that do not run out or end up all over the washroom floor is an absolute must.  There is nothing more frustrating and potentially embarrassing after toileting than finding out the toilet paper has run out. The good news is that there is a wide range of suitable equipment and supplies that can help make this easier to avoid. Here, we ask Satino by WEPA for their advice on the top 5 hygiene products needed in commercial bathrooms.

What you may need

Your users will also want to wash their hands. With the rise in concern over the transmission of germs and bacteria and the awareness of the need for thorough and regular handwashing being increasingly highlighted, having access to suitable liquid soaps or foams is another must have.  Then you will need to offer suitable drying facilities which can be air or jet dryers. However, increasingly recommended is the use of paper towels, which have, in studies been shown to be the most hygienic method of drying, and they offer additional bacteria removal through rubbing to dry, over air dryers. 

Paper Towels

Paper towels offer the most environmentally friendly option for hand drying.  Research has also shown them to be the best method of reducing germ transmission.  When paper towels are dispensed through a suitable dispenser they ensure that only the person drying their hands needs to touch them. They can also be used to open or close doors and turn taps on and off.  The abrasive action of rubbing hands with the towel is also the most effective means to remove any remaining bacteria and dirt left after handwashing.  With paper towels available in both 100% recycled or pulp materials they are an environmentally friendly option also.


An absolute essential for all washing facility provision.  A dermatologically tested foam or liquid soap option is better in a specifically designed dispenser. is the most hygiene effective way to provide hand wash soap.  Bar soap used by multiple users is now considered unhygienic and represents an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow and spread with the surfaces it meets.

Toilet paper

With a choice of single sheets or rolls in sizes from mini to jumbo available, you need to make sure that your choice is suitable for the dispenser you have installed. If overuse of resources is becoming a problem, it may be wise to consider an anti-theft dispenser or one that ensures only one sheet is taken at the time.

Cleaning Rolls

Again, with hygiene considerations in mind, the use of suitable cleaning equipment is a must. A two or three-ply high absorbency paper-based cleaning roll offers the best choice.  They are the perfect solution to replace fabric cloths for the entire washroom cleaning jobs, offer impressive cleaning results, proven strength, and are economically friendly if made using 100% recycled paper. Rolls are available in a variety of lengths and dimensions, and ordering in bulk can help ensure you can always have plenty to hand, avoiding the need for additional chemical cleaners and storage of used fabric cloths.


While many hygiene considerations are focused on the ‘must-have’, if you’re looking to provide a more luxurious bathroom experience, why not consider, a skin-friendly facial tissue box This can reduce the amount of toilet paper used and offer a much gentler option for those that need to wipe their nose whilst using the washroom. Ensure you also provide a waste bin for this, allowing them to dispose of the tissue hygienically without having to take any germs out of the washroom with them. 

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