Friday, September 29, 2023
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Top 5 marketing blogs that allow guest posting

Guest posting, as the name suggests, is writing blogs or articles for another website or blogger on the topics provided by them to build much stronger interconnected links and relationships. It is a procedure to help one's site gain high traffic and promote its ideas or services. Links are one of the most important factors in Google and SEO ranking, and guest blogging offers you a great deal of generating links and securing a link back from a website. Guest blogging establishes a link between the hosting site and you, which further leads you to establish authority among your audience. Some sites offer writing on a particular niche. Others offer you to write on a variety of topics. Nothing much typical; you just write blogs according to your host's needs. It is an extensive platform to gain readers base and improve your brand visibility. There are a variety of sites that allow you to guest blogging. Here is a list of  blogs for guest posting in general, while the top 5 marketing blogs accepting guest posts are given below.


With a Domain Authority of 92, Mashable is a top website that welcomes guest blogging on several topics like Business, Technology, Social media, and Entertainment. Set up on 19 July 2005, Mashable is a digital media, news and blogging website that comes in English and French. A subsidiary type of business owned by Ziff Davis, it became the top blogging site in 2009 and today owns the site


HubSpot is the second in the list with Domain Authority of 91. It offers you a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service. The topic that allows guest blogging on is "marketing." This software helps your business grow without any compromise. If you're interested in marketing, incorporate yourself with HubSpot, and share your knowledge with the world. Your shared passion will be beneficial not only to you but the readers too.

Get Response

Have an ocean full of knowledge about productivity, platform, marketing, or automation but unable to get yourself into sharing it with the audience? Get a response is the right platform that will fulfill your goals, providing you a stage to post guest blogs on their site. It has a domain authority of 81 and is the third top marketing blog that accepts guest blogging. So if you believe you can cater to their requirements, then do not wait and start guest blogging on this site.

Social Media Today

This is the fourth leading marketing blog site that invites and offers blogs written on business, marketing, and social media. With a Domain Authority of 80, it also deals with Content marketing and social marketing through a digital strategy. Anyone and everyone are welcomed by them to write blogs on the specified topics which they offer.

Marketing Profs

Ranking5th in the list, Marketing Profs is yet another name on the website that offers you guest blogging in marketing. The training programs, online events, conferences, and supplementary free resources that it provides helps individuals, small teams, and large organizations alike execute marketing campaigns that drive business results. They are designed especially for you to inspire and increase productivity, create marketing that matters, and grow revenue.

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