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Top 5 Milk Recipes You Can Try to Your Home


You must be thinking of what could be recipes with milk, but the least you may know is that there are plenty of recipes that could be made using milk. But you must know that raw milk is mostly not used in many recipes, only scalded milk is used. If you know then well and good, but we also have some quick tips on how to scald milk easily and quickly. 


Now you need to be aware of which kind of milk can be used. Raw milk is mostly available in plastic packets, quadra packs, or maybe in cans. Now using milk from plastic packets or quadra packs is easy. But using milk from a can is difficult, you need to know how to open a can at home so that you can use the canned milk. 


As we said above here we will discuss 5 milk recipes that you can try at home. Milk and milk products are loved by children and also the senior or aged people. 

Top 5 Milk Recipes You Must Try at Home

Here we will give you the top 5 best milk recipes, check them out below, 


Homemade Sweet Using Milk

As you know, sweets can be made of milk and milk products. You can use different types of milk recipes in the sweet making. Mostly all desserts and all kinds of sweets need milk to have the perfect dairy flavor. 


Homemade Yogurt Using Milk

You can use milk to make yogurt at home. Yogurt is often necessary for marinating non-veg items or it is also used in a huge number of Asian foods. Yogurt is not always available at the store, so you need not panic, you can simply make yogurt at home. 


Homemade Drink Using Milk

Now milk can be directly used in any milkshake or drink or if you want you can also make yogurt from milk and use it to make some healthy drink. It is advisable to make a drink of yogurt and then use it as a drink or mix it to make a drink. 


Homemade Salad Using Milk

Well, of course, you can not make a salad of milk but you can definitely use various milk products to make a healthy diet salad. As we have already told above you can use milk to make any kind of flavored or unflavored yogurt and use it to make a healthy salad mix. You can also mix boiled chicken or fish in curd and add some seasoning and that will give you some delicious healthy diet. 


Homemade Ingredients Using Milk

All the above mentioned are obviously possible but we have something more to add, you can make cheese, cottage cheese, or you can also make milk made to add it in your dessert. You can also make dry milk powder at home and add it to many other recipes. One thing is for sure that milk and milk products can be added in most of the dessert or sweet based food. 



After mentioning everything, we must not forget the most conventional use of milk is in bakery or any baking industry. Milk is mostly used in baking cakes, pastries, brownies, etc. There are lots more to this. If you liked this then please comment below.