Top 5 most important steps on Spotify promotion


Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services, and it is one of the premium destinations for almost all the biggest singers, artists, and podcasters across the globe. The streaming services have been found to contribute about 50% of the revenue that is generated worldwide by the music industry, according to one of the recent studies that analyzed different sample sizes of revenue generation. 

If you are an artist or a content creator on Spotify then it is hugely important to have significant exposure, proper marketing, and effective promotion for you to be successful. There are several tools and techniques that can be deployed for the Spotify promotion that can help you be more visible and thus contribute towards your growth in the industry. Let us have a look.

Methods of Spotify promotion

There are several steps to achieve the ultimate success and peaks of popularity on the music streaming app Spotify. Here we will explore some of the ways and techniques which will help you on that path.

Getting your music or content out there on the platform: This might sound like the obvious thing, but a lot of the upcoming artists and content creators don’t ever get their content and stuff online. You can’t succeed if you don’t even begin. The first stage involves creating content and then getting it on the platform. If you are an independent artist or an independent content creator, then you would need a third-party service for getting your content on Spotify. The already established artists and content creators have their own record labels that handle the distribution. These services that you employ will charge a subscription fee.


Getting on the radar of the influential journalists and music bloggers: The promotion of your content and songs might not be the most exciting part of your job however it is an essential necessity that is required to give your content the required exposure. The big magazines and digital platforms are not likely to give you exposure straight away so you must deal with smaller publications, influencers, and local media houses by getting in touch with and getting on their radar. You can then gradually work your way up from there.

Getting your profile verified: In this world of digitalization, anyone can go online, upload content, and pretend to be an artist. If you get your profile verified through blue tick, it gives your content authenticity, originality and it carries more weight. The badge of verification is coveted and if you want to get verified, then Spotify provides an easy way for you to get verified through Spotify for artists. Similar thing happens to Instagram as  well. The blue tick means a lot for Instagrammer. The blue tick is not so easy to get. It required  a certain amount of followers to have and that is why Instagram users often look for growth tools for their profile. It is very crucial to choose an organic growth service as spam service may get you banned from using Instagram. For instance, Follower Packages is a scam Instagram service and if you read Follower Packages reviews you will surely understand. So it is highly recommended that before choosing any service read the reviews first.

Increasing the followers: There’s no point in uploading music and content on Spotify and not having any followers to consume that content. Having a good number of followers is the bedrock of success on Spotify and thus you must focus your efforts on increasing the followers on this streaming service. There are various service providers that help with the marketing of your songs which provides larger exposure to your content and eventually helps in increasing the followers. These service providers such as SpotifyStorm help in building your profile organically and provide the necessary mechanism for a higher number of Spotify plays and help in the marketing of your content effectively.

Regular content: If you want to remain ahead of the curve and keep progressing on the charts on Spotify, then you must consistently put new music and content on the platform. This will help keep your audience engaged with you and provide the necessary platform for the new users to start following you and engaging with your content.