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Top 5 Movies & Live Streaming Apps For Android TVs (LCD + LED)

So how are you guys and I hope you all are having a great time if you want to install some Android application for your Android TV on which you can watch movies or any other things, or if you want to watch TV channels, I will tell you five such applications.

Guys, I have an LED that has Android system support, and I run many applications on it to watch different kinds of movies and sometimes find a very popular application.

So these are the five applications I have gained from my experience, and if you want to watch movies or TV shows in HD quality, you should choose these applications as they will give you great facilities and give you a lot of benefits. It provides video results in HD quality.

So now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, the very important things to be clear, and friends. Some provide all these facilities by paying for the subscription. Some provide all these features free of cost.

If you want to avail the free offers, I will also provide some of the application that offers free streaming of movies and TV shows.

If you're tired of free offers and want to enjoy the premium subscription, then we have the best apps available in this article, so stay connected.

Amazon Prime (Premium)

Amazon Prime is a premium brand associated with Amazon Company, and Amazon officially provides it, so the subscription of Amazon Prime almost costs $8. Still, if you get it through the reference of someone, they also offer you some discount for the first time.

No discount will be allocated for more than one time, and since you are new to Amazon Prime, so that's why they provide you an unexpected number of discounts to gain your trust.

Netflix (Premium)

Netflix has got the second position in the article, but it must say that Netflix is currently more popular than Amazon Prime. Still, since Amazon Prime is very new and has gained a lot of respect in the market, so that's why I preferred Amazon Prime in this article; otherwise, we can't deny the fact that Netflix is something very extraordinary.

Netflix offers a free subscription for the first month, so they don't ask you to pay for the first month. Still, you will be charged after one month automatically from your bank account or credit card. Still, they also offer you to cancel the account anytime whenever you want to buy canceling the account, your money will be saved, and you can enjoy the services of Netflix until you cancel it.

Live NetTv (Free)

Live net TV is currently installed on my I LED, but this app has one shortcoming.

The application is very good to stream live channels. Still, when I talk about streaming the available movies, I must admit that the video quality is very compromised here. Secondly, it does not meet the criteria of watching a movie, so I can't find it good for watching the movies and relative stuff, but if you want to watch live TV channels, then go for it and grab the opportunity you have.

Dogear App

Dogear application is very new, and I can say that the app is very underrated since it offers high-quality streaming of movies and TV shows and offers different kinds of stuff like WWE, comedy shows, and many relevant things of different industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, and Dollywood.

Since an Asian developer develops the application, so the application offers movie dubbing in different Asian languages like Hindi, Urdu, and Indonesian, but the default language, English, is also available. If you don't understand the Asian languages, then go for the default language.

RepelisHD TV

The app is very similar to others, but there is one thing that I must say that the app offers movie dubbing in the Spanish language, so the app is very good for European countries like Mexico, Spain, France, etc.

The Spanish language is very famous in European countries, so it covers most of the European countries. If you check the status of this application, you will find out that the traffic stats are coming from European countries.

Do you want to get this application for your Android phone, and if yes, then we are providing an amazing website where you can download RepelisHD TV app free of cost, so why are you still here? Just go and grab the opportunity to get it for free of cost before it is too late.

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