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Top 5 of the most luxury shoes for men in India

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Have you ever wondered how much the world's most luxury men's shoes cost? If the answer is yes, get ready, because very soon you will find out.

It is no secret to anyone that shoes do matter, so it is normal to take a look at what are the preferences of the richest in the India. Also, any man who cares about how to communicate and give a visual perspective to his audience knows that details are very important, including shoes.

Although there are many other pairs of footwear found in these price ranges, in this article we have focused on the classic style men's shoes.

Without further ado, let's meet the glitzy list of the 5 most luxury shoes for men in India:

1. Tanino Crisci

We started our top 5 of the most luxury shoes for men in India with these Tanino Crisci by Lilian. This is one of the biggest models in the shoe industry. Each pair is made entirely by hand to offer a better experience and maintain a high level of elegance.

With a price of $ 1,250 only the richest in the India can afford to buy several pairs of them, so the million dollar question jumps into the air: Would you pay so much money for just one pair of shoes from this brand or for hundreds of less? Value?

2. John Lobb

These mahogany and ebony shoes are comfortable and stylish. The specific model of the 2005 edition is one of the most expensive that the brand has released to date.

Despite its price, this collection was a great success for the brand, something that we can see when we see how more than 10 years after its launch it is still being talked about.

3. A. Testoni Norvegese

Testoni is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious and premium brands in terms of shoe manufacturing, which has made it responsible for most of the most luxury shoes for men in India.

Oddly enough, these $ 1,500 shoes are the cheapest you can find in the Testoni collection, which is why the brand is included twice in this top 5.

Each pair is handcrafted and the details on each piece are simply extraordinary. Therefore, there is no better way to tell the world that you know how to dress elegantly than by wearing this ostentatious model.

4. The Russian Calf by New & Lingwood

The number four spot on our list of the India most expensive handcrafted luxury shoes belongs to New & Lingwood and their incredible model The Russian Calf. With decades of tradition in making the most durable and stylish men's shoes, this brand has become a global phenomenon when it comes to footwear.

Being the favorite brand of many of the oligarchs makes The Russian Calf provide a deep connection with the user and brings them back to the roots.

5. Berluti Rapieces Reprises

Only a small quantity of this model has been made, as Berluti is known for creating exclusive pairs. Very similar to Ferrari's business model in recent years, this brand requests that you send an invitation and your approval to start creating the pair of shoes.

Pricing starts at $ 1,900, but the company reports that most of its models are fully customized, in order to adapt to the needs of the future owner.

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