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Top 5 Places To Visit In Jammu & Kashmir

If you are going to choose Jammu & Kashmir for going on a long trip or a tour, then it is one of the fabulous ideas. This spot is full of natural beauty and peace. There are plenty of things to see and live like lush green sides, pleasant morning sunshine, and the culture and people. This is also the best place if you are looking for a romantic place for a honeymoon destination. This is the best place for the tour with friends and family members.

Here, you can see the pleasant sceneries, and temples, etc. which seem like the embodiment of paradise. You find cold weather there most of the months of a year. So if you have chalked out the plan of a tour there, then you are suggested to keep some woolen clothes in your luggage.

Take a visit to Udhampur

It is a beautiful city on the coast of the Jammu. You are going through the train then you would see the lush Green Mountains in a large number. Such captivating environments, which can make you, feel delightful that you have never felt before. This place does have a rich history. You would find eye-catching sites, rivers, and places where you are suggested to go.

Srinagar is a heaven on earth

Srinagar is situated neara very famous river called Jhelum. You might have heard about this river in the books of history. This place is basically designed for the people, who come here for tourism. That means you have got so many things to do here like boating. You are going to have great fun.

Live the nature with every sense in Pahalgam

If you are a nature-lover and you have not felt the magic this nature possesses with itself, then you should need to take a visit In Pahalgam. You can see the crop, and big farm of saffron, and captivating valleys. You should take to visit this town with your friend once.

Hemis a serene land

Many people, who are looking for a place where they can enhance their skills of painting, and singing, by sitting in a serene environment, then Hemis is just such a place. In history, Hemis Monastery is one of the well-known places. This town is having very powerful vibes.

A visit to Dachigam National Park

If you visit Srinagar and you are also suggested to take a visit to Dichigam National Park as well. The best thing is that it is very near to Srinagar and it does not take one hour from there. Here, you can have a glance at the Himalayas of the western coast.

So if you want to go on a long tour in Jammu & Kashmir and you don’t have a good idea where to go, then there are some important points given. There are some suggestions are also given that you should know before you go on the trip. There are some names of some wonderful places are suggested to take a visit at least once. Get the best offers on booking in Kashmir with travelsetu.com

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