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Top 5 Smartphones That Rocked the Market in 2020

Smartphones have become a part of our lives since we got introduced to them. And now after the year of 2020, we have grown more accustomed to our phones than ever. It has become our source of social activities, official meetings, and entertainment at the same time. Other than playing games or watching movies, people are widely using smartphones to work on their hobbies as well like keeping journals, writing on wattpad, or even playing on online casinos. Online casinos have grown much bigger once they introduced their online versions and with the emerging improvement of smartphones, you can access online casinos from anywhere and use the resorts casino bonus code to try your luck and have fun. That will give you a headstart in your casino experience.

So, if you are looking for the smartphones that took this year by storm then have a look at our top 5 smartphones that rocked the market in 2020.

1. Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 has been the breakout phone of this year. In an affordable range, this phone is the flagship killer with its premium features and beautiful design which is available at a mid-range affordable price point. 

For comparison, it has defeated Samsung’s previously launched flagship Note 20 ultra and taken the throne of the best phone of 2020. Every feature that you can think of this phone has. From budget-friendly to beast features this smartphone has the best of both worlds.

It comes with a Pro-Grade camera, flat-screen, and beautiful design. Its data controlling freedom will give you extra edge towards tech-savvy experience. The fast charging option will minimize your waiting time.

It comes with a Snapdragon 865 processor and 8 GB RAM. The 6.5-inch Infinity O Display offers 120 Hz refresh rate.

2.  iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple is always at the top of the list of any smartphones, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max is special as it has the best camera among the smartphones released in 2020.

It is one of the biggest iPhones that Apple has ever created with its 12 MP true depth camera at the front and the pro 12MP camera system with more features into HDR settings this phone changed the requirements when it comes to the camera of smartphones for the future.

Its fast charging option and enhanced HDR system has taken it to a new level among the smartphones that rocked the market. It’s water-resistant, and the build quality is definitely one of the best in the market as always.

The 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR Display is an amazing addition to this smartphone. The A14 Bionic Chip is strengthened with the whopping 6 GB RAM. It also comes with wireless charging feature which will make your charging experience untangled.


Asus is better known for their amazing laptops, desktops, and computer accessories. But, they also make great smartphones that are worth rocking the market with their great features and performances.

When it comes to performance and battery life, the ROG phone III is the best of the best. As Asus has been delivering with their ROG phone line up, the ROG phone III is equipped with stunning features that are made for the game enthusiasts. 

With its top-of-the-line display and cooling system, this smartphone has no competition when it comes to battery life, cooling, and overall performance.

The ROG III comes with GameCool 3 cooling system that will keep the phone stable. As it’s best for gaming, you should be allowed to play games for a long time uninterrupted with this phone, which it assures. It also has external cooling features to make it extra stable.

The Snapdragon 865 powerful processor comes with 8 GB RAM that will allow you to play any games or run any apps you want. Just like all other best smartphones in the market, the ROG III also supports 5G. With a 144 Hz refresh rate, this smartphone will give you the best experiences in gaming.

4. Google Pixel 4A

The Pixel 4A is the best budget option out there with premium features that will give any deluxe high-priced smartphone a good run for their money. The pixel 4A although a little small in size comes with Google’s premium camera lineup and magnificent UI software which is firm and comfortable to use.

For people who were looking for the best budget options in 2020, this was the perfect smartphone for them.

It’s compact design and durability makes it one of the best options of budget-friendly smartphones. The 5.8 OLED display offers 60 Hz refresh rate. It’s not much, but enough to give you a decent experience. The Snapdragon 730G processor is also a powerful processor to run the device uninterrupted. The 6 GB RAM it comes with will allow to run any apps or games in your smartphone. The front camera is 12 MP, and the rear one is 8 MP.

5. iPhone 12 Mini

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini came into the market and brought back the desire for compact phones for the users. It has all the premium features of the iPhone 12 but smaller in size. For its great compact design, it’s labeled as one of the best compact phones of the decade.

The 5.4-inch Super Retina Display ensures an astounding viewing experience. It supports 5G and wireless charging. The A14 Bionic Chip comes with 6 GB RAM which is more than enough to run any apps or play any games.

As always like other devices of Apple, the iPhone 12 Mini has the amazing Face ID which makes your phone much better. The Dolby Vision feature will give you a smooth listening experience.

Wrapping Up

2020 was the year for new and unique features of smartphones and every manufacturer went for the best of their line ups. From budget phones to the high price-end products we have seen some of the best of the best out there.


But, we believe that our ‘Top 5 Smartphones that Rocked the Market in 2020’ gives you the list of the best of every category out there. Hopefully, it’s given you the clarity which might help you to choose your next smartphone!

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