Top 5 Terminal Emulation Softwares For Windows


Terminal Emulation Softwares are alternative to old-fashioned Terminal Emulators that required physical hardware such as keyboards and monitors. The job of a terminal emulator is that it facilitates a host computer to access another computer using a command line or visual interface.

A terminal emulator is a program that emulates the functionality of traditional computer terminals. In simple terms, the terminal emulator performs the same functions in software, as opposed to the classic terminal that performs functions using hardware.

A terminal emulator enables a host computer to access a remote computer using a command-line or graphical interface.

In addition to accessing files on other computers, the program also allows the host computer to run applications on a remote machine.

In addition, the terminal emulator also enables file transfer between host and remote PC. Such communication between two computers is made accessible using the cryptographic network protocol - Secure Shell (SSH).


In a graphical user interface, the terminal is commonly referred to as the terminal window.

Developers use a terminal emulator client to gain shell access to the computer. The text-mode interface gives the programmer more control over all tasks and campaigns. Below we will discuss the best terminal emulator for Windows. There are several types, and each of them has its pros and cons.

Listed below are some of the best terminal emulation software for windows as of 2020 though Turbo IBM 3278 is the best one so far in the market.


The software package of Cmder is written in C++ and Powershell. This is the software that was made out of pure frustration of not having any alternatives according to Cmder's website is one of the most portable Terminal Emulators out there.

One of its major highlights is that the portable version of this emulator can directly run off your system through an external hard drive or cloud storage without the need of installing it. Moreover, its performance is very smooth when it comes to working with the VS Code terminal.

The problem is that the portable version is limited as compared to the full version and doesn't offer Unix commands.

Zoc Terminal Emulator

Especially if you want to transfer data from Windows to Unix machine, this is probably one of the best Emulation software and SSH client out there for you. By using new-age dialing and direct serial connections Zoc can transmit data to offices PCs and mainframes.

 Also, it provides the developers with ease of navigating to many sessions from one window. Despite all this, the only drawback over here is that it costs you $79.99 approx which is a bit too much.

ConEmu Console Emulator

Even though ConEmu is one of the oldest emulator software, it has continuously improved over the course of time. With the ability to provide many customizable Graphic User Interface(GUI) applications this tool is specifically made for Windows operating systems.

The major highlight of this free, open-source tool is that it is compatible with Cygin, Power Shell, and CMD. Apart from that, it provides a multi-tab experience, and most importantly it is simple to customize.

Regardless of all of these features, this Emulator doesn't support remote connections,  the poor scrolling experience is a drawback and it's default look is dull.


This advanced emulator with SSH client support is the best tool out there for remote computing. It is portable, it can be carried in a pen drive and can be used on the system without the need of installing it.

Apart from the SSH client tool it also supports telnet, rloglin, etc and also the commands such as Rsync, cat, and bash are supported. Moreover, you can also download free plugins anytime on this fee emulation tool.


This is another powerful terminal emulator in the list that is especially useful when it comes to extracting data inside of mainframes. With numerous tabs comes a drop-down option that develops a new window. Xs hell will automatically upgrade when required with the help of a unique live update feature.

The major attraction is that this software is free and also it comes with the ability to handle multiple scripting languages with the help of UTF8 coding.