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Top 5 Unique Raksha Bandhan Activities For Your Lovable Kids

Festivals are the best things to rejuvenate old tradition & values among the children. In India festivals mean abiding by rituals, relishing festive delicacies and meeting family & friends. Rakhi is also the best festival of love & care between the brothers and sisters. Do you know the best things about rakhi? No! Let me tell you! It is the best day on which sisters tie a rakhi, a thread of love around their brother’s wrist & feed them with delicious rakhi sweets. 

They also pray for the success, prosperity, & well-being of their lovely brothers. In return, brothers give the promise to protect them from the evils of the outside world. They also greet each other with awesome rakhi gifts online. Kids love this auspicious occasion. There are a variety of gifts for rakhi available in the online & offline gift stores. So you can choose the right one for making your siblings’ day. Are you looking to celebrate this auspicious day with kids? Do you want to organise some fun activities for kids to make this festival remarkable? If yes, then here we listed some excellent activities for them to celebrate the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 

Here are some of the amazing Raksha Bandhan activities & gifts for your lovable kids:

Telling Stories

Who does not love stories? Indian history is full of captivating tales & legends on the origin of this Raksha Bandhan festival. So tell the stories about how this auspicious occasion originated? Your children definitely love to hear these interesting stories. Lord Krishna, Yama, Yamuna, & Draupadi, king Bali & Goddess Lakshmi, Rani Karnavati & Emperor Humayun, King Porus & Roxana, etc. are some amazing stories where rakhi plays an important role. You also tell the 365 tales of Indian mythology to introduce your children about mythological characters. You also send rakhi to kolkata to your dear one’s doorstep & spread the message of love & oneness among your children. 


DIY Rakhi 

How about convincing your kids to add a personal touch to this Rakhi celebration with the DIY rakhis & greeting cards? Strange! The children need cotton paper, scissors, thread, glue, foam, colours, feathers, & other decorative items as per their choice. Firstly cut the paper in the shape of your desired rakhi like Om, Swastik, or any other design. Now cut the foam in that shape, stick the paper on the foam with the help of glue. Decorate your rakhi design on the paper with the help of colours, beads, feathers, & other decorative items. Stick the rakhi in the middle of the thread. In this way, your beautiful rakhi is ready. This rakhi is very special for your brothers as you will make it.


Organize Rakhi Thali Decoration Competition

Organising a rakhi thali decoration competition is also one of the best activities for kids on this Raksha Bandhan. Gather all your siblings, friends, cousins & hold a mini competition between them. You are asking them to decorate the puja thali & put a prize for the best & innovation creations. The things they required for this competition are puja thalis, fresh flowers, kumkum, turmeric powder, rice, sweets, dry fruits, etc. Give an empty thali to each kid & a packet with all the necessary things. Now give a time limit & tell the kids to decorate this thali in that time. One who decorates the thali with creativity wins the first prize. So it is an interesting activity that your kids surely love. They definitely take an interest in it.


Play Interactive Fun Games

Playing fun games is also one of the best rakhi celebration ideas. All you need is a sheet of papers, pencils & pens. Gather all the kids & sit them in a circle and give them a sheet of paper, pen, & pencil. Now tell them to draw the images they like, write a story or poem for each other, or pen down favourite books & movies for each other. You can also ask them to write the best qualities of each other. When all this is done, then exchange the paper sheets & let them enjoy reading them.


Encourage Kids To participate In Guess Who

This is also a funny activity that your kids really love. For this, you only need the old photographs. Gather the old albums of the time when your kids & their cousins were babies. You can also make a chart that shows photos of each kid under tags now & then. Give a funny caption to them. Now ask your children to identify the baby in the chart. 


The above-listed points are some fun activities for your lovable kids this Raksha Bandhan. So next time, choose the best one for your kids & delight them.

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