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Animated videos have become an essential part of our lives. From advertisements to campaigns and TV shows, they are ubiquitous. The preference has shifted from reading to watching content. It is a more straightforward technique to follow and interpret. People find it easier to watch a video explaining a concept than read about it.

The uncomplicated nature of videos helps in their growth. Several animated video production companies provide professional services and cater to the client's needs. Many brands proffer short and enticing videos to lure more customers. Similarly, the cinema world presents gripping trailers, leaving the customer with a deep urgency to watch the entire offering.

Animated video production companies ease this process and allow a smooth-sailing experience. They help in bringing your vision to life. They accommodate your requirements and create videos that the public can resonate with. It is essential to make them catchy yet relatable at the same time.

A proficient team of experts can instantly gauge what you're looking for. Many DIY video-making applications are instrumental. People facing financial paucity can employ these. 3D animation videos are a powerful tool for education and on-boarding. They depict everything in a 3D environment and create exciting stories.


1) Explain Ninja

Explain NinjaNinja is a 2-D and 3-D animation company whose headquarters is situated in Warsaw, Poland. They have been operational for nearly a decade. Explain NinjaNinja has collaborated with several PR and advertising agencies and undeviatingly with brands worldwide. Some of their core clients include Zoom, Pipedrive, Bolt, My taxi, Codio, Atlassian, and others.

Their portfolio contains several animation projects which they created for aspiring startups like the Swiss Fan Club, The Campus, Psiphon, and others. The company presents comprehensive packages that include briefing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, voice-over, and storyboard. Their team comprises excelled personnel like illustrators, animators, and directors. A hardworking team always proposes triumphant results, such as favorable reviews by their clients.

2) Rip media group

Another 3D animated video production company, Rip media, is based in Los Angeles. They have assembled a team of award-winning professionals and storytellers that generate amazing videos and content, coinciding with their client's needs. The company's team also consists of the Producer from Guild America, Writer's Guild, Screen Actors Guild, animators, and Hollywood artists. The company has catered to clients like Cisco, Ben and Jerry's, Comcast, and startups akin to concept to delivery.

Rip also imparts radical video production and novelty 3D and 2D animation styles. Their other salient offerings are whiteboard animation, character animation, and live-video action. The team is keen on experimenting with manifesting more artistic collections.

3) VeracityColab

A video and animation production company, VeracityColab operates from Newport Beach, California. For a decade. VeracityColab has been fabricating videos to help product creators, and marketers promote their offerings more effectively. They have gained more momentum owing to their animation styles.

The company embraces a team of imaginative storytellers who emphasize the audience and design their guidelines more transparently. Ther clients include Intuit, Microsoft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tender Greens, Adidas, Flexfit, Experian, Eventbrite, EPSON, HJC, AT&T, Adobe, Life Happens, TGR Foundation, PTC, Covetous, BetterCloud, Medallia, Bill.com, and The Irvine Company.

4) The DVI group

The DVI Group is an established company that came to being 20 years ago. They are deeply hallowed. They have witnessed an evolution from being a video production studio to becoming strategic communications.

They proffer several services like production services, including live-action filming, 2-D/3-D animation, motion graphics, instructional design, static banners, billboard design, print campaigns, etc.

They have created marvelous videos for Mercedes-Benz USA, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Doosan, Kaiser Permanente, Hansgrohe, Kodak Alaris, Newell Brands, AT&T, and many more.

5) Indigo Productions

The owners pioneered the company in 1991, New York City. Since then, it has composed immense notable content such as animated videos, life motion movies, and other content for the world's most esteemed brands.

The team collects corporate, commercial, and entertainment material. Their portfolio is a more detailed guide of their other offerings. They have worked with companies like Givenchy, Am New York, Sony Pictures, Havard, Columbia University, Viacom, The New York times, Citibank, IBM, and others.


Hopefully, these details are informative enough in helping people elect a plausible choice. All of these companies are tailor-made and possess state-of-the-art technology to help achieve desired results. With the advent of social media platforms like Instagram, small businesses and bloggers attempt to leave a significant mark behind. Videos are an impeccable means to channel their essence.

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