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Top 5 Ways by Which AI Can Help SMBs

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Implementation of AI in the business world has left a promising impression on the large scale businesses. However, it has left behind the plausibilities for the SMBs. All that they require is one AI app marketplace that can offer holistic growth and support to them.


SMBs often restrict themselves to reaching out to AI-based applications. This is mainly because of the financial crunch and the idea that these apps lack the potential to show a direct impact on ROI at the first attempt. Nonetheless, this equation never matches. Either the apps are highly-priced or do not provide a tangible effect. Therefore, the SMBs completely drop out of the plan to own one. But here is something that can change the ways SMBs have dealt with AI-apps till today. But before that, we need to know how AI can benefit the SMBs.


More businesses are making their digital strides. The IDC (International Data Corporation) predicted that the worldwide digital transformation rate of investment will reach 7.1 trillion in the coming years. Therefore, digital competition and the pressure of data analytics will rise in the graph. In such a situation, SMBs (who are also part of this 7.1 trillion investors) might lose the competition if they do not adopt AI-apps for their business good. 


Here are the top 5 ways how AI can help SMBs:

    1. Automated Customer Support

    2. Insights to help SMBs launch their business into a higher level

    3. Identify customers for proper targeting

    4. Thwart fraudulent activities and visitors

    5. Enable search across all docs

AI-based Customer support

Well, given all the ways, we need to make sure that SMBs get what can be beneficial and cost-effective for their businesses. Therefore, considering the automated customer support, the obvious choices are the chatbots that are available in the market. There are numerous chatbots available in the market, but an automated chatbot can use the intent of the customer and answer your customers properly. Most importantly, you will be able to answer your customers before they ask your competitors. 


The basic greeting is easily available but what sets a chatbot apart is the ability to transfer business goals into profitable benefits. For example, ClouDhiti recently launched Syra AI Chatbots that are available for all website platforms including Shopify Store owners and other website owners

Launching businesses to a higher level

Businesses that work as the tracking tool are the best for the business but imagine an AI-app that can predict sale rate and can also segmentize customers based on their ordering, canceling, and amount spending probability. It can be the solution that SMBs have been looking for. Large enterprises use these applications to organize their business and lead to better profit stats. But for the first time, ClouDhiti introduces the power of AI and ML in one application. Store AI Analytics - for Shopify store can help to know and grow your business with a little help from AI. 


Another noteworthy point is that when the digital presence increases, it gives way to the rising risk of anomalies or fraud detection. SMBs can find a solution to the “Thwart fraudulent activities and visitors” with the help of the AI Anomaly Detection Application that is available for both stores on Shopify and other websites. 


ClouDhiti gives SMBs the power of AI so that they can make the most of their online presence. It is an AI app marketplace for SMBs. There are numerous prototype AI applications in this app marketplace that can prove beneficial for the SMBs. 


Applications like Document Search Engine application can help the customers enable search across all docs is an incredible AI-powered app. It is yet to launch. Where the power of AI-powered applications was limited to large scale companies, ClouDhiti now brings the power for the SMBs as well.

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