Top 5 Ways HR Can Boost Employee Performance And Workplace Productivity


Result-oriented HR strategies can turn around the performance of dying businesses. For a very long time, businesses viewed HR and its entire set of processes as having a positive influence. 

However, they never believed that HR processes could transform or affect real business profitability. 

In the last few years, cutting-edge strategies, performance assessments and the best onboarding training have ensured that HR has a direct impact on a businesses’ productivity as well as profitability. A lot has changed in this field. 

Benchmarks, Targets, Sales, Leadership, and Goals are some terms that have come to define HR processes. The focus has shifted on making HR and its processes result-oriented. 

In this article, we are going to look at the top five ways HR can boost employee performance and workplace productivity. 

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List of the Top 5 Ways HR can Boost Employee Performance and Workplace Productivity

  • Onboarding and Training Management- 

When employees first walk into an organization, they carry with them skill sets that might or might not apply to the organization. A good HR process can help in transforming an employee and adding them as one important piece of an organization’s jigsaw puzzle. Training and development so that the employee realizes their full potential is what the best HR does. You can visit to know more about the best HR hiring practices. 

  • Feedback and Performance Reviews- 

In some instances, senior managers do not have the time or the inclination to tell their teams where they are going wrong. HR professionals act as an important link to convey to the individuals what is going right and areas where they have to improve. This is done through a regular process of feedback and performance reviews. This helps improve the employee. 

  • Promotion of Motivation and Satisfaction- 

Employees need to feel that they are wanted in organizations. The CEO does not have time to individually inform employees how they are doing a good job. A good and sensitive HR process takes into account the human needs of its employees. It helps them stay motivated and satisfied by programs that are run by HR teams regularly. 

  • Flexibility and Transparency in Increments and Promotions- 

A lot of employees are more interested in how someone else has been promoted or has gotten an increment than themselves. In many cases, organizations suffer from a lot of petty politics in this regard. The role of HR is to ensure that the processes of increment and promotion are as transparent as possible. They also need to ensure that there is enough flexibility for employees. 

  • Encouraging a Healthy Work-Life Balance- 

A new and important role of HR is to ensure that employees do not suffer from burnout. You do not want an employee that is pushed to the limit and has broken down as a result. This is why HR teams try to strike a positive balance between work and life. With remote working being the new normal, this situation has given rise to new challenges and issues. 

Is HR an Integral Part of Modern Business Organizations?

A healthy change that has come about in recent years has to be the newfound interest in HR. this interest has come from small businesses who earlier frowned upon spending resources and salaries on HR professionals. 

While smaller businesses are not as likely to run with the entire gamut of HR processes, they know how important HR can be when it comes to the right hiring processes. 

Employees are probably the core when it comes to any business organization. Without the right set of team and workforce, no business organization will be able to scale up its business operations. In other words, HR is an integral and indispensable part of any business setup. 

It does not matter how big or small your business organization is, you need a purposeful HR professional, team, or process. Employee engagement sessions, awards, outings, and lunches can go a long way in helping strengthen the workforce. 

The Bottom Line

A lot of HR processes have now become quantifiable. Data has come to play a major role in determining the outcome. If you wish to know more about how HR can play a major role in turning around the fortunes of your organization, let us know in the comments section below.