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Top 5 Ways Indians can Immigrate to Canada in 2022

Immigration is a strong word, and it has a lot of emotions attached to it. When you are trying to move out of a country, then you need to consider a number of different things, including the fee and the process. Successful application and immigration rely on different steps which need meticulous attention, and it might take a few months to a year. There are different options available, especially if you are traveling from Asia and the Middle East. Going from a developing country to a developed one is a huge step, and it needs a lot of work.

If you are looking forward to moving out and need a consultant's help, then Canada immigration from India is the best option out there. There are multiple ways to get to Canada, and when you know available options, you will be able to have higher chances of success.

Following are some top 5 ways Indians can immigrate to Canada, and this article will explain how each step goes about.

Ways to attain Canadian immigration:

Immigration is a lengthy and attention-to-details kind of project. If you are doing it on your own, then it requires some sort of homework and understanding of the visa systems. However, it is important to understand what is the best option or program that suits their needs.  This kind of information help individuals to avoid any kind of frustration and pitfalls.

There are five different options available to migrate to Canada in 2022, and the following are those options.

Express Entry Program:

One of the most popular ways to immigrate to Canada is through Express Entry Program. Since the program's launch, it has been the most used way to get to the country. If you are a skilled worker, then immigration will let you go through the immigration process by getting a permanent residency. Through this new system, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will assess your application and recruit skilled and qualified candidates under several programs such as

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  3. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

You can choose any place to apply for and even opt for the provisional nominee through this program. The process is not difficult to understand, and most applicants can apply on their own once they have eligibility met and documents ready.

It should look like this: The process is not difficult to understand, and most applicants can apply on their own once they have eligibility met and documents ready. Visit Languex translation if you require fast and accurate canadian document translation.  

Family sponsorship:

When you are trying to apply for a Canadian visa, you need to think about your family members. But if you have any close or blood relatives living as permanent residents or citizens in Canada, then they can sponsor you. It is an easy way to get there without having to worry about different logistical elements. To say it simply, families living in Canada can sponsor their family members to stay with them permanently.

There are certain conditions on who can sponsor and who can be sponsored for a PR. For example, a person with citizenship or permanent residency can sponsor their spouse, partner, and children, especially those under 22 years. It is important to keep in mind that sponsorship for parents and grandparents is no longer an option. There might be an option to help them visit on Super Visa Category, but that can have a different discussion.

Provisional Nominee program:

Another interesting and important route to migrate to Canada is through the provisional nominee program (PNP). Several provinces require people with different skills, and thus the immigration requirements also change accordingly. For example, provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia offer different programs for new migrants, even having their own immigration processes. This makes the entire thing faster and easy to handle.

When you apply for this category, it is important to remember that these provinces want you to live in that particular territory after getting the visa. Also, this program might need a job offer from any Canadian employer.

LMIA work visa:

Most people are unaware of this visa class because it is not the most common way of getting to Canada. LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment, and it is an authorization document from social development Canada. It is essential when you are applying for a temporary program. A simple way to get a work visa is by getting the offer, applying for a visa, and migrating to Canada, but with LMIA, you have the job offer, then the employer will apply for LMIA through service Canada, and then you get the work permit once approved.

The processing time is usually less because your applications get approval or rejection in 10-15 business days.

Canadian investor immigration:

The last way for immigration is through an investor program. It is usually for the business owners and individuals with higher worth. This program allows overseas businesses to invest in Canada to boost their economy, resulting in better growth and prosperity. There are two investor programs: 1) The federal investor program and 2) the Quebec program. The requirements for both programs are the same, and based on the investment, the visa will be allocated.

Investors can also bring their family members to Canada and contribute to the economic growth.

Why opt for professional assistance?

If you dream of moving to Canada, there are several thousand people just like you thinking about doing the same. With so many applications making rounds, it is important to have the expert's opinion on what works and what does not. With the help of immigration consultants, you will have the best chance of acceptance as they know the industry and legality of the application process.

When applying on your own, you might miss some information or might not answer some questions perfectly; thus, it is important to understand that no one can do it better than professions.

Ready for applying? Has your eligibility sorted? Then go ahead and get started- Best of luck!

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