Top 5 Ways to Market Your Small Business


Owning a small business allows you to feel ownership and independence in your services. Small business owners have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, financial security, and job satisfaction. A prosperous small business needs to be able to market itself successfully. This does not need to be too complicated. Below are five impactful ways to market your small business. 

1. Put yourself online

Nearly everyone uses the Internet these days, which means marketing yourself online can be very beneficial for your business. Having an online presence may include creating a website and social media accounts, like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, as well as running online advertisements. When you create a website or social media account you want to make sure that your business name and what you do is clear, so that potential customers easily understand what services you provide. For example, if your company specializes in tree removal in Utah you should include Utah tree removal in your website or social media account name or description. If your company specializes in pool installation in Arizona include Arizona pool installation in your name or description. 


You can run advertisements on social media sites and search engines. Online advertisements can be affordable and effective and can highlight your business to people who might not regularly pass by your physical location. 

2. Join your community

If you have the opportunity to become involved with some activity in your community, consider doing so. This may include donating services for an auction, sponsoring a baseball or softball team or creating a team to participate in a charity event. Participating in philanthropic work is a good reflection of your business, and potential customers may choose to hire your company for their work because of this. If you sponsor a baseball or softball team you may be able to put your business's logo on a shirt or hang a banner on the field. If you participate in a charity event, like a fundraising walk, you can wear shirts or hand out goods with your logo on them, like pens, magnets or hats. 

3. Develop referrals

Having a strong referral network is a reliable way to market your business and increase your revenue. Many customers are willing to refer your business to someone they know but are hesitant to do so independently. You can offer incentives to both established and new customers if they provide a referral and mention a referral. This can include discounts on future services or certain services provided for free. Though it may cost your business some money initially, it can pay off in the end with increased sales. 

4. Create coupons

Offering coupons is a valid way to get the attention of potential new customers. Coupons can also re-secure the attention of previous customers. You can post coupons online or in local print media, such as newspapers or magazines, for discounted services. You can also advertise your coupons or discounts on local radio or television stations as a way to reach more potential new customers. Research has shown that people who are provided with coupons or opportunities for discounts will be more likely to solicit a business's services. if you can provide what they are looking for, you may have gained a customer that will return time and time again. 

5. Practice your "elevator pitch"

Your elevator pitch is your way of describing your business in under 10 seconds. This pitch should draw people in and provide them with enough information to remember what your business does and reach out to you if warranted. If you can draw them in successfully you can then expand your pitch and describe a little more completely what you do and why your business is great. 


Overall, exposing your business's name online and in your community can lead to increased sales and revenue. Spending time growing your customer base through marketing can allow your small business to thrive.