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Top 5 Ways to Memorize Quickly And Remember for A Long Time for Students



Knowing how to memorize quickly is very important. Because the student's curriculum has a lot of theories, especially the social ones.

With a large amount of knowledge, students will feel overwhelmed without memorization skills. By the time they enter the exam room, they will “remember nothing”, or remember very little. So is there a way to help our teenagers quickly remember what they have learned?

1. Create a comfortable study space

Creating a study space is the first step that you need to take to get started on memorizing theory as quickly as possible. To find more informative and useful related content, visit Start School Now

An ideal space for studying is a quiet, airy and spacious place, the better. But it is not necessary to choose a place that is too quiet because it will make you quickly feel sleepy. Besides, we also need to neatly arrange our study place. This will inspire better learning. Learn lessons faster and memorize more

Imagine if standing in front of a neat, clean study table with enough light and a messy study place, the desk has no space, where would you choose?

Neat study corner will help us absorb knowledge better. At the same time, books and documents that are neatly arranged will be easy to find when needed.

2. Understand the core of the issue

Understanding what we need to learn first helps us absorb knowledge faster. If they don't understand what they're learning, it's just "rote learning". When the nature of things is not clear, they will have many difficulties in doing the exercises.

Therefore, when needing to memorize something, students should skim from beginning to end. Read from the big heading to the subheading first to get the general information the article is about.

3. Summarizing is the fastest and most effective way to memorize a lesson

To remember each sentence, each word on several pages for a lesson will take a long time but the efficiency is not high.

Therefore, students should summarize the main ideas of the lesson before memorizing them. Summarize what really matters. Pick out the big ideas and then keep looking for the small ideas that belong to the big idea. The ideas will form a framework to help us learn more easily without missing any important knowledge.

4. Divide the content to be memorized into small parts

Breaking down knowledge to learn is always a quick way to learn by heart that is applied by many people. The cramming of too much knowledge in a short time only makes them feel depressed, learn first and forget later. Therefore, break down the theory to be memorized into small sections. Make time to learn each item, so that you can remember it wherever you go.

5. Relate learned knowledge with reality for long-term memory

Students should connect the knowledge they have learned with practice to understand deeply and remember for a long time. The fastest way to memorize, remember the longest is to know how to relate to reality. Although you can quickly remember an entire page of a book in an hour, but without contacting reality, the knowledge that remains is not much.

Especially the History subject with many events, days, months, years... Geography is regional, climate, economic, etc. To remember all the knowledge about history, children can learn through monuments, documentaries, pictures or artifacts.

This way will help us remember longer and apply quickly when we need to solve exercises.

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