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Top 5 Ways To Prevent Your Car Battery From Dying

A battery can expire in various ways, including parasitic drain, natural self-discharge, or simply wearing out.

The good news is that there are strategies to keep this from happening. Our certified mechanics in Perth revealed their top advice for keeping your Car Battery Serviced during inclement weather so you can feel confident on the road.

    1. Effects Of Extreme Weather

A car battery can die for various causes, but severe temperatures are at the top of the list. Cold weather can push a poor battery over the edge since low temperatures mean less available amperage to start an engine, while hot weather is a battery killer.

What to Do

Apart from garaging, there isn't much you can do to safeguard your battery from the ravages of hot summer weather or the biting cold of winter. 

If you have that choice, the absence of significant temperature swings may help your battery live longer than it would otherwise. Because heat depletes a car's battery, parking it in a cool or shaded area can extend its life.

    2. Parasitic Drain

A parasitic drain will destroy even a fresh new battery. Although the battery will very definitely charge back up just fine, especially if you have a trickle charger on hand, the presence of a drain in the system will cause the battery to go dead again.

It can be challenging to spot a parasitic drain before it destroys your battery because you won't notice anything unusual. Although it's simple to keep your headlights on without realizing it, this type of situation provides an obvious sign that something is amiss.

What to Do

When your car is turned off, the drawing current component does not immediately attract your attention. That is until you try to start your automobile and the starter motor clicks ineffectively.

    • The good news is that going dead due to a parasitic drain won't have a long-term impact. Unless that is, your battery is already old and worn out.

    • The trick is to figure out where the drain is coming from, rectify it, and keep the battery from being drained several times. 

    • Because permanent damage occurs when the voltage of a lead-acid battery falls below a specific threshold, it's best to deal with this problem as quickly as possible.

    3. Try to Avoid Short Journeys

Because the alternator needs time to replenish the battery when it is started, driving short distances is a definite method to kill it. Short excursions with many starts and stops don't give your battery enough time to recharge.

What to Do

When taking many short trips, batteries are put under a lot of stress because the engine and alternator don't have enough time to recharge the battery to its initial state. It would help if you attempted longer excursions to allow the automobile to restore. Purchase an external battery charger or tender as an alternative.

A battery tender works in the same way as a battery charger. On the other hand, a battery tender is connected to a live battery under the hood rather than a drained battery. It maintains a low-level charge in the car's battery to aid in starting the vehicle. This relieves some of the burdens on the battery, avoiding car battery replacement.

    4. General Maintenance

Even in the cleanest of engine bays, your vehicle's battery might grow dirty over time due to its electrical components. Cleaning your battery properly may be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Grease and dirt act as insulators, trapping heat around the battery. Regularly wiping it clean with a paper towel or rag will help prevent the power-draining filth from forming.

What to Do

Start with the battery terminals, which should be inspected for corrosion by a car repair near me at least once a month. Decay will develop on automotive battery terminals and will need to be scraped off using a wire brush. Corrosion can lower performance, component damage, and hazardous compounds that can harm other under-the-hood components.

    5. Battery Charger

Consider purchasing a battery charger for your automobile. A car battery charger will keep your automobile from going dead when you park it for long periods, such as when you go on vacation.

What to Do

A car battery charger is a device that connects to your battery terminals and plugs into a household socket to charge your battery. This doesn't have to be done with the battery in the car, and it's ideal for charging the car battery in cold weather. You can also buy portable battery chargers to keep in your vehicle if you forget to turn off your lights or have trouble starting your car.

Closing Words

Fortunately, there are almost as many techniques to keep a battery from dying. The goal is to figure out why a battery died or what can cause it to fail in the future, and then let the best car service in Perth deal with it head-on.

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