Top 5 Ways Which can Improve Your CRM Strategy With Social Media


Customer relationship management is extremely important for any company to maintain. The slogan "it's about the customer" is something that all companies should take to heart. Every company has customers, and it is important that they maintain a good relationship with these customers through customer service. An important part of customer service is not only satisfying the customers' needs, but also being able to keep in touch with these customers. One of the best ways to keep in touch with customers is through email marketing, which includes things like introductory emails, welcome emails, offer emails, follow up emails, order confirmation, order follow up, sale promotional emails, and much more

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The truth is that customer engagement is a must-have from all of the above if you want to achieve profitability and growth. It's the secret ingredient. You just need to know how to get it. And this article is all about how you can establish and maintain customer engagement by using social media channels.

The first thing you need to do is to establish a consistent strategy for social media. Without a strategy, your time will be wasted running around in circles. You need to make sure you are following your plan and not reacting to what someone else is doing.

Be sure to track all your metrics and analyze the data on an ongoing basis so you know how social media is affecting your business - and acting accordingly. 

  What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the combination of business strategies, software tools and technologies, and the process that helps to build a strong and long lasting relationship between organizations and customers.

This software tool makes certain that each and every step of the interaction with customers goes smoothly to increase the overall profits. CRM software gathers data of customers from various different channels and stores detailed information on customer’s personal information, purchase history, and purchase patterns.

With a professional and high functioning CRM in place, it becomes much easier to find new customers, win their trust, provide qualified support, and provide additional services throughout the relationship.

Customers are the most critical and high priority entities for every business. Most of the organizations deeply care about the customer’s experience. But, when it comes to social media, CRM is not the topmost priority for many. Completely leaving out social media in the CRM business strategies can be harmful for your business.

CRM Social Media tools have the power to track, engage, and manage your relations with the customers with an excellent customer experience. Your business might have communication tools for marketing, development, project management, you cannot leave social media out from this.

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So that’s why here we present some ways through which your brand’s CRM strategy can be improved with Social Media.

1.  Identify your goals

First things first. Have a robust CRM strategy that helps you and your company to achieve its goals. So eventually, the first step is to identify your goals. It could be - you are looking for a better system to manage the customer’s concerns, or a better approach towards generating leads, faster complaint solving and even faster response time, it could be anything.

Whatever it is, it is crucial that you know about your goals that you are trying to get as the end results. With this method, you can identify what works for your system and what does not. And later, by analysing all the aspects, optimise your customer relationship management.

Once you have a clear picture about your goals, see how you can manage these aspects through social media. Brands often provide poor customer experience and social media efforts, but their sales and marketing teams are on the top. A complete social media CRM tool helps out the companies with task specific conversations with the customers for customer support, sales inquiries, or new marketing opportunities.

If you want to create a better customer experience, be proactive on social media and communicate with the customers.

2.  Make the best use of CRM

So many brands have CRM but they do not use it to its full capacity. The best strategy for CRM should be using it in all the departments such as marketing, sales, customer experience, efficiently. Try to involve the practise of using CRM in all the departments to make the repetitive manual tasks managed by the system.

One of the biggest advantages of CRM software is that you can track the activities of the customers right from the moment they subscribe to your newsletters or blogs to the moment they become a paying customer. From social media posts, marketing strategies, email workflows the marketing team will be well informed about the best times to post content.

Also the Research and Development team must have the access to CRM, so that they can analyse the type of audience, types of products that are being sold the most, and the detailed reports as it will help them to figure out their next upgrade or product launch.

3. Categorise your customers

Let’s face the truth, a company is nothing without it;s customers. As per Perato’s rule, 80% of the sales are generated from 20% of a company’s customer base. So it is very important to identify your customers. If you still do not know them, then take a moment to look at your most profitable customers.

Now that you know your customers, find more people like them who can bring value to your business. This can be achieved by looking at the top 10% or 25% of customers. Depending upon the size of your business, plan on targeting users that fit your target demographic.

Great! Now you know about your customers who generate huge profits. You know your business better than anyone else. It’s time to find the customers who haven't purchased anything from you recently. Know the timeline of your customers purchase, what is the time when they make new sales. Once you have a timeline - 30 days, 60 days or more, get back to these customers with your brand offering them special offers and discounts.

4. Maintain your brand’s visibility across social media channels

It’s very important to keep the social media profiles updated with the latest information for a seamless brand experience. It not only creates the brand’s visibility, but it attracts the customers and keeps them engaged and updated about your brand.

Maintaining consistent brand visibility helps you create a trust among the audience. Your customers will be happy to reach you out and enquire about the services. By using a power CRM Social Media tool, you can track all the social media posts, the comments and responses from the customer and respond to each one of them very easily.

Let’s face the truth, you need to show your brand’s visibility in order to survive the market. So it is very important to keep posting daily and responding to the customers' posts. People regularly check their social media accounts and there are high chances that you may see some customers complaining about the services of your brand. Even if you see some negative posts, please do not forget to respond, as it does not create a good image of your brand.

5. Respond faster to Customer Queries and Complaints

Social media has the superpower to engage brands with customers virtually. If you want to avoid losing customers, you need to engage with the customers at any cost. A dynamic CRM strategy supports their customers in every phase of their purchase journey. So, you cannot ignore any abusive and negative comments from them.

Most of the customers post complaints on various social media to bring in awareness. Ever thought what is the reason behind their anger? It’s sluggish customer support provided by the brands. The response time matters a lot. Customers hate to wait around for a response, they do understand at a certain level, but when the level has crossed, your brand is likely to receive negative feedback and comments.

Perhaps you need a better social CRM tool where all the conversations, customer information, order details and required details of customers are stored. So, lower the customer experience response time with the help of social CRM tools and gain positive reviews from the customers.The last thing that you want is to lose customers because you failed to acknowledge or reply to a facebook/instagram post.


Your CRM strategies won’t be perfect from the very beginning. And that’s absolutely fine. Knowing what’s effective and what’s not, you will gradually come to know the system that fits your business. So, the gaps and weakness in your system is not a bad thing, instead it has a room of improvement. So, analyse and improve to optimise your business to work efficiently.