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Top 5 WordPress Payment plugins for easy Transaction

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There are many payment gateways available in the market but are they efficient for your platform? WooCommerce Payment gateway help in accepting payments from the customers easily and securely. In this blog, we will share with you the best plugins for your WordPress website for easy transactions. 

Are you aware of the Payment Plugins? 

Having payment gateways is very essential for online stores to complete transactions. You can 3easily add different payment plugins to the website which will help in a faster checkout process and making it user-friendly. 

Once the payment plugin is installed you need to set up the checkout page and allow customers to complete the transactions through it. Every plugin comes with different features and functionalities; it depends on your business requirements at the end. Using payment plugins you can save your money without paying extra processing fees for the products. 

The main sectors of an online transaction are:


They accept payments once they have partnered with the banks.  They then deposit the amount in the merchant’s account. 


They initiate transactions online through their credit cards or other payment methods suitable to them. Customers today prefer electronic methods to complete transactions effortlessly. 


This includes processing the payments and gateway to act as a bridge between merchants and customers.  

Let Us look at some famous Payment plugins:

Stripe Payment Gateway

It has lower transaction fees, especially for the lower amounts. They transfer the money directly to the merchants back and eliminate the need to withdraw the amount manually. It is also one of the payment gateways that are considered to be developer-friendly as it allows personalization on the checkout page. 

Advantages of using this gateway are:

  • It has flat-rate fees 

  • No additional fees for cancellation, setup, and account maintenance

  • Faster sign up for an account online

  • Highly customizable 

  • Many integration options

  • Great platforms for international payments

Some tools and methods that are provided by this payment gateway are:

Stripe Elements 

It is a custom UI toolkit that enables merchants to build their custom payment form for desktop or mobile. 

Embedded Checkout

This embeddable payment form helps our website work on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

In-Person Payment

They offer a host of different mobile card readers and terminals to accept credit card payments efficiently. It also had development tools for POS (Point of Sale) that can be integrated with your hardware.


This enables owners to send an invoice to the customers and request payments. They allow you to create a usage-based, tiered, recurring, scheduled payment, and promotional.

Stripe Sources    

The API allows merchants to accept payment globally with a single integration. It supports payment methods like Alipay, Giropay, and Bancontact. 

WooCommerce Moneris payment gateway

It is a multi-functional payment solution for business owners. Using the Moneris Payment gateway helps in accepting and processing payments directly from the website. 

  • It develops, hosts, and secures the checkout process

  • Customization of checkout fields

  • Fits easily into your website 

  • Wide variety of options for integration 

It supports multi-currency pricing for your products and services. This helps in various things like:

  • Engaging international customers 

  • Reduces cart abandonment by providing transparent pricing 

  • Improves customer experience 

  • Minimizes chargebacks and disputes related to misinterpretation 

  • Gives the ability to hold foreign exchange prices

Monetico Payment Gateway 

The transaction is completed on the redirected page of the Monetico extension. It is a customized payment gateway that can be integrated into your e-commerce store and increase sales. Some noteworthy features are:

  • It is a fully automated payment process

  • Provides payment updates automatically

  • It has secure codes to ensure payment security

  • Processes payment from the backend of your store

  • The licensed version will get access to all the upgrades and updates

Benefits of integrating this payment gateway are:

  • It ensures that the functionalities are updated regularly to keep it compatible with your e-commerce store.

  • Provides fast integration and support service through telephone and mail 

  • As it has integrated support service it eliminates many security holes 

  • It captures, refunds, and cancellation from the administration interface

PayPal Payment Gateway 

It is a one-stop online payment gateway which gives access to all bank accounts, credit cards and addresses that customer want. It supports over 20 currencies that make it more accessible to users globally. It has various types of payment types like:

  • PayPal Standard Payments

  • PayPal Special Financing

  • PayPal Credit

  • Credit Cards

  • Bank Transfer 

  • Phone-based payments

Amazon Pay 

It is a payment service provided by the e-commerce giant Amazon. It just requires your email and password for account validation to complete transactions. The main advantage of using this method is it does not require any third-party website. The payment is possible through credit card and debit cards through your account. Benefits of using a payment gateway:    

  • It has quick and easy checkout

  • Add money instantly using multiple payment methods 

  • Add a maximum limit to your spending

  • Faster checkout process 

  • View statement and history of transactions 



You read about some of the best WooCommerce payment gateways in the market that are engaging more customers in the e-commerce world. It is challenging to choose the best ones for your platform and provide the best solution to complete online transactions. There are many easy escapes by integrating these platforms to your WordPress platform effortlessly.

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