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Top 6 Beard Growing Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)

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When growing a beard, you cannot just let it grow by itself. You need to take care and groom it properly to make it appear appealing on your face. However, most men fall victim to different beard problems as they make certain mistakes while growing their facial hair.

Here are the most common beard-growing mistakes that you must avoid to have well-groomed facial hair:

1. Avoid Being Impatient

Beards don’t just protect the face from environmental stresses, but also keep the face warm in winters. But growing a beard is not as easy as you may think, especially if you expect fast growth.

Many men stop growing their beard only after a few weeks. This is because they can’t bear the itchy phase of facial hair growth. That’s when good beard oil for men comes into play. This oil nourishes the beard and also keeps the skin moisturized and itch-free.

Besides, some people also make the mistake of styling, shaping or trimming their beards too early. Trimming or shaping a growing beard is not a good idea as you will only end up cutting too much. You need some patience when growing your facial hair. Wait for at least six weeks before trimming or shaping your beard.

2. Not Shaping or Trimming at All

Letting your beard grow is a good way to increase facial hair, but only for the first six to eight weeks. After that, you must trim or shape your beard to prevent it from looking like a bird’s nest on your face.
For some guys, their beard grows very slowly in certain areas, especially the cheeks. But if you don’t trim and maintain your mane, it may look unsightly when your thin facial hair begins to grow asymmetrically all over your face. So, it’s best to follow a trimming routine.

3. Following Some Age-Old Myths Related to Beard

There are so many myths when it comes to the beard. If you follow them, it will destroy your beard growing progress. The very first myth is that having a beard will make it difficult to get a job. This is completely false in many professions nowadays. Bearded men are seen as more serious and wise than clean shaved men.
Another popular myth is that shaving the beard would make facial hair thicker and grow faster. This is also not true, as there is no evidence to prove that shaving increases facial hair growth and makes your hair thicker.

4. Product Avoidance

It’s good to grow a beard naturally, but if you think all beard products are useless, you probably don’t know much about these products. Beard wash, beard crème, beard wax and beard oil for men are some useful products to preserve natural oils on your face. These products also help in keeping the skin well-hydrated. So, using them for beard grooming is a wise idea for sure.

5. Shaving Too High On The Neck or Too Close To The Jawline

After a couple of months of beard growth, you need to trim it up. But if you trim it too high on the neckline, it may look terrible. To avoid this, imagine a curved line passing between your ears and underneath the chin and use it as a guide to trim your hair. A good rule of thumb is to end your beard one inch above your Adam’s apple.
Another thing to keep in mind is the cheek line. While opting for your natural cheek line requires lesser upkeep, it may not suit everyone. A defined cheek line on the other hand gives a neater look, but be sure to not dip it too close to the jawline.

6. Washing Your Beard Daily

While beards do collect dirt and bacteria easily, you shouldn’t wash it daily because daily washing removes the natural oils from your face. These natural oils and sebum on the face are important to prevent dryness and beard dandruff.
What you must do is wash your beard only a few times a week, using a special beard shampoo followed by a beard oil massage for better growth. However, if you sport a stubble or short beard, you may rinse it regularly.
If you are growing a beard for the first time, stay away from these six mistakes to have a healthy and full-grown beard.


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