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Top 6 Best TV Brands

As winters knock the door it's time for nestling up in your warm comforter and watching your favorite web series, shows and playing games on your smart TVs. TVs these days are an important ingredient in our work from home lives but when it comes to buying them it is really a tough job. Especially when hundreds of brands have flooded the market, It becomes a difficult task to choose the best brand. Keeping in mind various characteristics we have shortlisted the best TV brands that might help you know better which TV brand suits you the most.

The common factors that every customer looks for are picture and sound quality , smart design, resolution , size and most important budget . A stylish TV brand with an ultra HD picture quality and excellent sound quality at affordable prices is something most attractive while shopping for a television. Let’s get some insights of our list of some best TV brands.


LG premiered the OLED TV brands in the market in the year 2012 and now they are ruling the OLED TVs commercial market. Before discussing further details let’s know what is exactly OLED, televisions are available in three types namely OLED, LED AND QLED . OLED is one such type that offers great color contrast. It’s color does not get washed out when looked at from extreme angles. The picture quality is unbeatable with a top notch quality in color and contrast plus impressive uniformity and viewing angle. One of the things that can't be ignored is the LG line-up is huge with multiple smart designs for the best display on your home walls.

LG also produces Led TVs though they are not the best suppliers for classic Led TVs because of low contrast for wide ranging viewing angles. Hence it is preferred to go for the OLED brand of LG rather than Led ones. The disadvantages associated with OLED TVs are a threat of permanent burn in when you watch the same content consisting of static elements  but if you love watching diverse content there is no issue in buying OLED TVs.


Samsung is another South Korean giant like LG known for producing QLED TV models that do not have a risk of burn in. Samsung is one of the best TV brands that offer a wide range of designs that looks beautiful. QLED TV models are equipped with the latest quantum dot technology which serves the brand with a wide range of colors in a specific model. Their previous stock does not have this technology and thus do not offer varied colors and bright display.

Most of the models of Samsung use VA panels which produce deep black and not so good viewing angles but to fix the problem its topmost trending latest models are installed with ultra viewing angle layer. It is also known for the best gaming experience with low input lag. Samsung is also up in the market with their expensive lifestyle TVs. If you are ready to spend some extra pennies for better quality then Samsung is indeed a good choice to invest.


Sony is an established TV brand and a big giant when it comes to electronic appliances. Their OLED TV models have got an excellent picture quality and good motion handling also. Other important factors that favour the Sony brand are that it displays the content of lower resolution clear because of it's upscaling technology.

Sony is also good in terms of Laptop.If you are buying TV particularly for gaming then Sony might not be a perfect choice as it’s input lag is higher than other available TV brands in the market. Also if you are having any kind of problem with your laptopa you can visit Sony and Dell Service Center in Tardeo.


TCL is a rising brand in the list of best TV brands. It's the best quality is its affordable prices. We are living in an era where digital streaming platforms are watched the most by the audience. TCL brand has got built-in Roku TV which uses an interface that provides easy access to these streaming services. As it is still fighting in the market to make its own place , it's features are better than the top notch companies but it is indeed a promising brand. Soon it will launch new features and technologies in its upcoming TV models.


Vizio is also like TCL, a brand on it’s way to mark it's name in the electronic market. It's latest TV model M Series has got good picture quality. It offers television in an affordable amount and it’s models are available in the market with an built in access via SmartCast to our favourite streaming services like Netflix,  Hulu and many more. It’s most important feature is that if you are looking for a large size TV at very low prices as compared to best TV brands then Vizio has got the solution for you. It’s large size TV is up in the market at cheaper rates though it does not have the same advanced features but at the time it is not a bad choice with the features and size it offers at a lower cost. It’s not the best TV brand for gaming purposes due to it’s high input lag.


Hisense is a fast growing Chinese TV brand that is a strong competitor for TCL in the market. It offers TVs at lower prices with good picture quality with VA panels hence with perfect contrast ratio but with very poor viewing angles. It’s TV have good response time and low time lag thus buyers can enjoy gaming experience with Hisense TV models.

These are some shortlisted best TV brands with their highlighted features and some disadvantages.

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