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Top 6 Blouse Designs for Women

Women love blouse designs and it is no surprise that they can buy them to pair and match with sarees and lehengas. The variety and design improvements along with the innovations coming out these days, it is safe to say that blouses are one of the best forms of clothing for women.

There can be no doubt that the design and innovation is getting more and more evident in the upcoming future and it will be evident with the blouse designs in this catalogue helping you decide the top 6 blouse designs for women out there irrespective of their age.

Top Blouse Designs for Women

Blouses are the one thing which most women cannot give up when it comes to traditional and ethnic wear are the blouse designs which they wear to look absolutely stunning in every festive season. The best designs are coming out in the coming future with the patterns keep reinventing.

The following collection of top blouse designs in the market are some of the best examples which you can easily go for every single occasion and not look back to anything less. Different sarees like silk sarees and lehengas or pattu sarees help these one of the best combinations.

Off-White Khadi SleevelessBlouse with Frill

image001 39c75283-BMH


Khadi blouses are considered comfortable and since they are native to India, it can be made extensively with any required design with the addition of frills and this off-white color just adds up to it by being one of the hot options with deep open back design in the line of fashion statement.

Off-white Full Sleeves Hakoba with Latkan


image002 c0a6d8d5-BMH

Latkan is one thing which makes a blouse stand out from everything else with the feature being unique to only few blouses like this can pull it off with unique embroidery and the zipper giving it a modern look and an oomph factor to give out your personality to the world.

Magenta Ikkat with White Work Kaftan Sleeves Blouse with Frill in the Sleeves

image003 6faf1d74-BMH


This beautiful magenta ikkat blouse design is certainly a head turner whenever you wear it in any place as the rare patterns and the frill sleeve design are everything you need in a blouse to stand out in a crowd irrespective of your age or size. Just wear this and look stunning.

Khadi and Hakoba Mixed Sleeveless Blouse

image004 3c5792db-BMH


Mixing up styles are amazing and the ones which make you look stunning are even better like this mixed-up khadi and hakoba blouse design which gets all the elements covered which are needed to look ravishing this festive season by not giving up on that charm.

Black Ikkat with White Work Kaftan Sleeves Blouse with Frill in the Sleeves

image005 16b18723-BMH


Kaftan blouses are still on top and for every right reason as the look and class which it brings is timeless with the pattern which can be the only thing you need to impress everyone including your friends. It looks really good even if you have busts or not making it more versatile to wear.

Black Hakoba Blouse with Katiabari Lace

image006 47e78461-BMH


This black hakoba blouse design with a white collar which gives it a ethnic vibe makes it one of the top blouse designs which you can wear in a function. This gives you the vibes of younger generation with the sleeve mirror design and the collar giving it a unique look.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Blouse Designs for Women:

1. What are the latest designs for a blouse?

Latest designs for a blouse are the plain blouse designs and some of the aari work and mirror work blouse designs. You can go for these designs with no doubt as they nail the fashion every time you wear them in a festival or even casually.

2. Which is the most popular blouse in India?

Hakoba blouse designs and ajrak blouse designs with aari work are some of the most popular blouses in India which you can easily opt for and wear with confidence to elevate your fashion giving out that chic vibe to everyone who is looking at you.

3. Which is the best blouse to wear for work?

When it comes to work, you need to be simplistic and stylish at the same time. A blouse with mirror work and simple design is the best option to go for when you are looking for a blouse for work. Just pair it up with a simple saree to look professional and workaholic.

Overview of Top Blouse Designs for Women:

There are a variety of top blouse designs for women out there and not every design gets recognized by the women to wear in every occasion. When you want to wear a saree with a classy blouse, a top designer blouse is the way to go.

This designer collection of blouses is all you need for your wardrobe and elevate your fashion statement. Not only is it going to make you look good, but it is also going to fetch you a lot of compliments from everyone in any occasion you meet.

Let us know in the comments below about your favorite top blouse designs for women.

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