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Top ‘6’ Easiest Techniques to clean Vaping Coils!


Do you really want to maximize the experience of good vaping taste and smell?

Vape coils are known to be the central replaceable part in e-liquid vape pens. It is located inside the atomizer, responsible for heating the mechanism of e-liquids or herbs for better dispersion of vapor. The resistive wires of coils generate resistance to heat the tank's premium e juice and convert it into vapor form.  As the temperature changes, the deformation occurs and carbon deposits on the bottom and walls of coils.

That's why cleaning coil becomes a necessity, so it does not affect human health. Despite this, it will not only provide optimal performance to your vape pen but also offer a delightful taste of e-liquid. Regular maintenance is vital to keep your vape devices' components clean for getting the maximum flavor on every hit.

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So, if you want to keep your vape pens like a new one, then follow these easy techniques to clean your vape coils.

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Simple Methods to Keep your Vape Coils Clean

  • Change the Power Setting of Vape
  • Use Less Sweetener Vape juice Brands
  • Buy a Temperature-Controlled Vape
  • Rinse Coil in Propylene Glycol (pg)
  • Use Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Wipe Down Each Piece

Wrapping Up!

Simple Methods to Keep your Vape Coils Clean

●      Change the Power Setting of Vape

A highly recommended advice about cleaning your vape coils is to change the power setting of them. Setting your vape at higher wattage can damage the coil, plus more e-liquid will vaporize with each puff. The big clouds will leave an adverse impact on your coils. When wick does not correctly absorb e-liquids quickly, it can burn it and generate fewer puffs.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the power settings, so your coil will work properly. If the taste of flavor dying out, then the loop will probably be getting dry and needs time to absorb the juice.

While purchasing coil or vape devices, the manufacturers mention the ranges of power wattages. So, you have to stick up on those ranges in regards to achieving good results. Sometimes, increasing the power setting of vape devices will generate a bland flavor. Despite this, it will also damage your coil.

●      Use Less Sweetener Vape juice Brands

Adding extra sweetener into your vape device will make the coil more greasy and sticky. It appears when sugar gets heated and converted into caramel. It must add a delicious taste in juice but may also destroy the coils. In addition, the gunk-filled wick cannot soak up the new liquid, and due to which, you may cause some problems.

Therefore, it would be best to avoid coffee and substantial, dessert-inspired e-liquids for soaring. Generally, the darker-colored juices affect wicks and coils, but clearer e-liquids may go extra miles.

So, to clean the gunked up coil, you can clean the wicks using warm water or some active drinkable compounds. After washing it off, you can give it 24 hours to thoroughly dry it off.

●      Buy a Temperature-Controlled Vape

A proactive way to keep your coil clean is to use a vape with temperature control. It prevents your devices from getting too hot, blast, or burning coils. Therefore, it would be best to buy a temperature control device as it allows you to set a maximum or minimum temperature for vape coils. In addition, you can also track the detectable changes in resistance when coil material gets heated up.

A high temperature of e-cigarettes will stop delivering delightful taste and flavor. Therefore, it is recommended that you need to buy a compatible vape device and a tank that carries nickel, stainless steel, or titanium coils. For example, many manufacturers are providing the E-Liquid clearance sale in the UK at a minimal cost.

●      Rinse Coil in Propylene Glycol (PG)

In addition to water, you can also soak your tank for one or two hours in Propylene Glycol. It will rinse your tank more easily. The most important thing is to rinse the windings with special care. After soaking your tank in PG, use a pat dry cloth to clean it off. This method will eliminate the odor of the extra flavor.

This thinner liquid balances the speed between wicking and vaporization. If wicks are not compatible with soaking the juices, then it means you will not receive dry and tasteless flavored puffs. A large amount of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content in extracts can cause problems and ruin the vape coils. Therefore, replace your high-VG juice with approximately 50/50 mix or originally PG.

●      Use Ultrasonic Cleaner

To receive the most careful cleaning in your vape tanks, you can purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. Many vaping manufacturers use this method to clean their atomizers. By filling your ultrasonic cleaner with water and running it until it cleans the vape devices' parts, a user can inhale the right amount of e-liquids with appropriate puffs and flavors.

Make sure the amount of juice in your tank is not too high or low. Having a certain level of e-juices will reduce the problem of damage and blast. Consequently, the most valuable solution to this problem is to keep your tank topped up. If the performance begins to get more critical and the flavor decreases, then it is time to give up on the juice in the vape pens.

●      Wipe Down Each Piece

This step includes removing leftovers and settling e-liquids from the device that are still responsible for clasping your coil. The little dribbles can destroy your coils and may stop them from working correctly. Therefore, use a paper towel to gently wipe out every part of the vape devices, including coils. A preferable method is to dump your napkin into the water and remove the oily liquid from it.

In any case, if you are using a rebuildable coil with wicks, then clean your cords so it can adequately absorb a new favorite flavor in the future.

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned points are showing the information on caring for your vape devices. Giving regular maintenance to your vape gadget will resolve the problems of blandness. While purchasing the devices, you need to focus on the model and other principles of its assistance.

Coils are an essential part of any e-cigarettes. By ruining the actual structure or working principles of the coil, you may lose the real taste of liquids. SO, if you want to enjoy the flavor of the juice, it is advisable to remove the most burning debris from coils.

Author Bio- Michael Vig is working as a Marketing Head cum Blogger at “McVape” which has one of the biggest ranges of e-liquids clearance and hardware in the UK. He handles all marketing and sales-related issues of the Vape store in the UK. He shows a keen interest in sharing his views regarding usage of Vape juice, E-cigarettes and other related items.

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